[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

Look, I share your opinion on most points, but there’s a very real issue with upgrading your PC. It seems you’re a native English speaker living in a 1rst wold country, where buying a new pc or upgranding it is more approachable. But AOE games are played by gamers from everywhere else in the world, where prices are sometimes (a lot) higher and there’s less hardware to choose from. I’m not critizing you, just telling you that it’s not that easy for a lot of people. See, I’ve got a nice PC with a nice graphic card, but my friends were not able to play AOE 2 DE with me anymore because their computers started to lag a lot or crash while playing. I’m left alone. AOE2 DE!! Now imagine AEO 4… You might think it’s ridiculous, but they won’t be able to buy a new computer in a while.

I DO absolutely want better graphics for AOE 4 and as I said, I share most poster’s opinion on this matter. But I know that it’ll be a drag for a lot of people too.

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I honestly wouldn’t consider buying anything with an i3 processor anymore.

this is where your friends (and me) they could go in video settings and set everything to low. Rich english guys could set everything to max. Every1 is happy. No need to force every1 to play on min graphics wouldnt u agree?
every1 assumes graphics should be either low or high. Cmon guys good games think about both…


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This is not an PC issue, it devs lack of optimization of poor engine performance…

We are in 2021, most people are playing mobas and battle royales that requires a decent PC, even fornite used unreal engine…

Excuses and more excuses, if you have $60 to expend in a “AAA” game you surely have a decent PC…

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I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to read every post in this monster of a thread, but I think a large part of what makes this game look really outdated and wrong to some people is the perspective.
Relic games always had that really early 2000s 3D game looking slightly ugly and wonky 3 point perspective going on and age 1 and 2 always used a orthographic perspective

I guess bringing the game back into a orthographic view would already fix a lot of issues people are having.
That and changing those ugly looking chunks of gold.

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Yep, of course they did that. To no avail. There’s a limit and your experience won’t be satisfactory. Besides, it’s not a question of high or low graphics only, but CPU power and RAM, among others, as well. We might be forgetting some important factors in this discussion.

And if reducing graphics isn’t enough, you can reduce the resolution.
E.g. I could play an AAA game with low-medium graphics in 1080p, but with medium-high graphics in 720p.

If even that’s not enough, either the engine is the problem or the PC is very (too) low.
Then your PC isn’t made for modern games and you need to wait until you get a better PC unfortunately.


This a Definitive Edition of a 2006 RTS game, made only by one person and the combat , graphics look more realistic and fun than actual AoE IV gameplay.
So a big company can have something like this easy if one guy can do, also I love when helmets drop when soldiers die xd


Watch the comments under this video. More than 50% are negative, most top comments are complaining about graphics.

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I get what people are saying about the unit scaling and whatnot though. It’s like they had these smaller, less detailed units that probably looked fine, then they had internal complaints about the units being “too small” or whatever, so they blew everything up, but didn’t increase the units fidelity, which is what we’re seeing now. So, if they keep the units scaled a bit more “exaggerated”, I definitely feel like they need to go in and polish the unit detail.

Imo though I think id prefer the scaling to be more realistic with the option to scale the units up, even if it costs a bit of ‘janky collision’. A few other RTS games have done this in the past, even older Relic games like Homeworld had stuff like this. Or like, the Steel Division series has very prominent unit scaling with a bunch of scaling options available. Again, this would be the route I would go.

You could even have “circumstantial scaling”, or “Dynamic Scaling”, Like if units are up on a wall, you could scale the units to be larger, or smaller depending.

Ultimately though, I think most people are going to want more realistic unit scaling compared to buildings and whatnot. I think the game ought to be balanced with this in mind, but again, with the option to scale the units to be larger if people want. Even if it costs some visual collision issues.

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I didn’t Remember this Interview

But i think it’s not a good idea leave to modder the responsability to change UHD or unit models. It’s not a good signal for consumers because It sounds like “this Is the game and of you want something different, ask to modders”.

It’s not a good idea, for a AAA title. You should give all the graphic options from the lower to the higher setting and for higher setting i mean the best you can able to run with your Rig.

I Hope the Upcoming beta Will help to lead developers to introduce changes to Graphic engine and not only gameplay feedbacks or readability


Amen to this. Exactly what i was thinking. For example i see T90 and pros using small tree mod for AOE2. I know I could figure out how to get it etc. but it would be real sloppy from creators just to create set in stone graphics without customization.

This forum is full with evidence that people are not ok with that. And its not just occasional bad comment about this and that but there are huge part of community talking about it. Are their council just going to ignore what huge part of player base wants saying - “NOPE, we know better whats best for u guys.” If u want something else ask modders.

Its like (but not really like that) girl u love would say to u : “i love u too but im not the best for u, so nothing can ever happen between us”. And u are like “what, are u for real, i know myself whats best for me” :smiley:

Almost feels like every1 is sick with this project AOE4 already and want to be done with it.

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You’re telling me you spent hours scrolling through all the comments and kept track?

15 minutes :smiley: Was enough to see many many people are complaining or joking about graphics (at least 100 comments).

So you didn’t read the whole comment section, gotcha. Inaccurate number

Number is changing all the time anyway coz good comments and bad comments are added all the time on this forum and under youtube vids. The point is lots of people are not happy about graphics or would u deny it coz u dont have perfect real time statistics in front of ur face?


My estimation was even optimistic, so be happy I haven’t made it accurate.
Not every negative feedback is fair, but it’s obvious majority isn’t impressed by the graphics.

Now I wait for the beta, let’s see how the game looks there. Maybe much better, maybe not.
At least I’m sure more realism results in more positive feedback. Until now I saw no one writing “Game is too realistic.”

Do u know are those people who can test the game will be alowed to share their impressions here on forum? Like “ohh i was pleasantly surprised, feels like im playing different game compared to fan preview”.
Stuff like that. Or everything will be confidential?
If footage really was months old would be cool to see thoughts about recent state of game even if we dont see any screenshots or gameplay

But we had already a title for it, AoE Online, it failed.

Your Opinion is very valid, people should have access to game.

Weak PCs are kind of a realm for old titles, free2play, abandon-ware and titles with big discounts.
The very last thing you are going to buy for an very old PC, is the newest AAA game. In general to play RTS you need more power than RPG or Shooter, as you have simply more tasks in the game. And AoE franchise is not something like Angry Birds, people kind of expect AAA, not an indie.

If you want to reach a certain market you kind of have to design the Product from ground on for it and advertise that accordingly. Say 4 years later "em we actually wanted to make an indue game with a team of over 300 people simply sounds like it was big mismanaged.

PC users with weak PCs already are not interested, they want to play the game, not simply run it.
And people who expected AAA, are simply going to see a bad designed game.