[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

My Dream has Always been an AOE with the Coh2 art style.


Can you imagine community backlash if some company would make their next WW1 or WW2 game with cartoony look. Round and plumpy tanks and soldiers with oversized guns. That game would fail so much unless its meant to be joke and funny.


Games can still be good/popular because of good gameplay and not have UE5 Tech Demo graphics

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Minecraft doesnt have extreme bright colors that piece your eyeballs and random explosions that make no sense at all.
its looks clean and realistic with its pixel graphics.
Unlike aoe4 with its cartoon lego play dough graphics and non-physics ballista bolts spawning from the archers.

Your comment just nailed, they did with DOW3, they turn their backs to dow1-2 community, they made their own game ispired by mobas and sc2, at the end who is playing DOW3?

For me the size of units to buildings looks rly weird and unrealistic.

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I am with you on this one , i really hate the look of the animations . For 2021 it’s disappointing they need to rework the fighting animations , the horse running animations , the charge impact animation , the arrows that look like toothpicks . I love the that they put a lot of features like you can mount archers on the walls and hide troops in woods but the graphics are really important .

When you create a game you have 2 key aspects to look after :

    1. Graphics and physics
    1. Gameplay and balancing

Guess which aspect is much harder to adjust after the game release , it’s the graphics that you usually don’t change after a game releases . So i hope they will address our concerns increase the realism and get rid of stupid animations , this cartoon style and other important aspects.


It’s management fault and i guess partly microsoft and relic . I know for sure that if the game doesn’t improve on graphics and becomes more realistic i won’t buy it and neither will i ever recommend like i did for the other games. (DE editions) . I like DOW3 graphics and that game is a few years old now . But for comparison I like Ancestors legacy graphics much more (the game lacks in features and content and it’s a bit too complicated for non-hardcore RTS fans) but the graphics look amazing and you don’t need oversized units and weapons and ■■■■■■ animations to create a playable and easy to read game . (as they complain a lot about how easy is the gaming to be understanded and read when in pvp …)


I think it’s not the devs fault mostly management . The game does look cartoonish and i hate that . Graphics is what attracts people to a game , gameplay is what keeps them there . That is all i have to say


Interesting. Thank you for sharing.
I certainly get where they’re coming from:

  • terrain should blend in and not distract
  • troops and teams to stand out as much as possible
  • weapons and projectiles easily distinguishable and visible
  • catering to younger audience

All the above is very much focuses on ease of access and potentially, esports. Also makes game development cheaper and quicker.

Some of the positive aspects:

  • physics and lighting will add to the atmosphere
  • unit visuals between civilizations will differ (finally!)
  • buildings still look realistic (the art style, not the proportions) let’s hope it stays that way
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The main reason Is probably the competitive scene: pro-players are probably destroying this game. This game Is made for esports.

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They should cancel AOE4 like EA canceled C&C: Generals 2
Microsoft should find a better suited developer team for AOE4 who will listen to their fans

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It would be not so hard to find It: Creative Assembly, another studio under Sega’s umbrella. They are developers of Total war and Halo wars 2.
But i Would give another chance to Relic but they have to hear what people are saying around web.
This community Is a closed Chamber: we all fans here.

When you mentioned Ancerstors legacy, I when to youtube and played a game play, OH boy! look at those horse animations how they turn wow!, look at the cavarly charge! I have no idea that game exist! I that game is so much ahead of age of empires IV! I will give a try

Thanks for mentioning that game

Yes ancestors has really good ggraphic Realistic. Played It a lot. You should try It.

FYI, AOE tournaments and competitive games exist since 1997 via MSN gaming zone.

i dont like the graphics either the buildings and the units arent good. i was waiting better graphics .The settlers is also strategy graphics but they did better job


I DID spend 4 years getting a degree in graphic design and I can tell you that these characters are not entirely realistic. But it’s crazy, because some other things are: mountains, cliffs, some rivers… so, it’s a mix of semi-realistic with cartoonish.

The units in AoE4 look less detailed, but the building and terrain / vegetation detail look similar to me.

The BIG difference is lighting. I can already tell the lighting in AoE4 looks vastly superior to AoE3 and I think that compensates a lot for the less detailed unit textures.

Comparing textures is one thing, but visual preference is purely a matter of opinion, not fact :wink: