[MERGED] Ranked Multiplayer not working after May 27th patch

Yeah, seems like less crashes, but still a substantial amount in 3v3s and 4v4s

Having the exact same problem since the last update. Signing into XBOX live profile does not help other. Have not been able to join multiplayer services at all. Reinstalling game did not help. Other steam games work fine, including Age of Empires 2013.

Installing today’s hotfix did not help my issue. I get the “Failed to join multiplayer services” error since the May 27th update. Other steam games, including age of empires 2013 work just fine, but not DE.

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HD is at end of support though. I mean, it can’t be changed in any way.

Didn’t have any crashes in the lobby or loading yet. But I just had two games where the ingame time stopped after 1-3 minutes. Game was still up and accepting commands, yet no in game time passed (vills and scout just stood, chat didn’t seem to work properly)

Just tried to play two more rounds. Same result both times - at least somebody drops in the first 3-5minutes.


People seem to crash a lot still in multiplayer games. Some games bug before launch. Overall a big improvement but not a fix.

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I played two Ranked Team games and no more failed to join match message or frozen loading screen. However, in one of the games one person disconnected and in another it froze for one person in the beginning. (I‘m guessing UI froze)

THX to developer.

Its work fine again



I am unable to join most 3 v 3 and 4 v 4 Ranked Team games

Now, within 7-8 mins, the game freezes, can see the map freely, but the game has frozen
This has happened three times now


Yes. I mentioned that just to show that there are no firewall or connectivity issues with my systems affecting games more broadly. This is a DE specific problem.

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A veces mis partidas quedan congeladas y mi internet funciona bien. No me desconecta de Steam pero pierdo mucho mi elo, me siento frustrado. :cara_caliente: Por favor solucionen urgente éste problema.

Hola, ¿pudiste solucionar? Me pasa exactamente lo mismo. :cara_caliente:

Everything started working after installing a VPN. The disconnect issues and broken chat are probably related to networking and the bug could be not in the game binary but on a network device or firewall configuration.


Exactly the same, single player ranked games effects me the most and Freeze;s 80% of the time, everything just stops

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The positive thing about experiecing this bug almost every game is that it is reducing the occurance of the other bugs because this one makes me DC fastest!


Yo AOE2 DE Support -

Please help! Having similar issues as folks above post 5/27 patch and subsequent hot fix. This is an official support request and all files you requested are linked/attached. Looking fwd to hearing from you with solutions. Thanks!

(1) get disconnected from ranked MP in middle of match for no apparent reason; just happened again a few min ago (see screenshot below); this is AFTER I’ve implemented ALL of your recommended game optimization tips AND gone through several other guides on improving AOE2 DE performance, including this one
(2) yellow clock frequently appears next to my name in ranked MP despite a lightning fast internet connection and a top-end gaming rig; again, I tried all tips you recommend here too and have posted on other forums on this site requesting help where ppl have encountered this issue as well; as you guys know, there are a lot of haters out there who haze/rage quit when they see a yellow clock next to someone’s name in ranked MP. Obviously this is a problem when those haters are your teammates

  • game version = 101.101.37906.05105673
  • save game file
  • production steps. play on steam. have high end gaming machine connected to external monitor with lightning fast internet and MP benchmark score of ~1170. follow all MS support guides on game optimization (install updates, switch to game mode, tweak settings, set rig to high performance, et als), play ranked MP. lose elo bc game crashes, ppl disconnect, or i’m disconnected.

All my computer specs can be found here in a previous post (including speed test proving I get around 300Mb u/d).

The disconnects have increased in frequency again despite the hotfix. In unranked team games at least one player disconnects within the first 5 minutes.

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I have lost 6/6 last games due to the game freezing, this has become a big disaster

Hey everyone! As this thread initially tackled issues following the May 27th update, I’m going to be locking it down. If you are still having trouble connecting to matches, please create a new thread (with all the requested details and files) or add to a thread if one already exists. This will help me understand who is still having issues and what might be causing them.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in to get this particular problem fixed as quickly as possible!