[Merged] Will there be gates in AoE: DE?

also, please bring to steam

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Probably not. And I have to say that AoE does not need gates, sure they were and still are really usefull in AoE2 but I think it would have a negative effect to the gameplay in AoE 1. Just my thoughts

heck no gate!

The developers have confirmed there are not going to be gates.

Isn’t it just going to be a basic port?

This would be a feature i’d like to see.

Btw you should not see wall in AOE 1 as a border around your empire but most like closing your weak spot. Sometime it can be used to close yourself entirely to prevent a rush but you’ll have to open yourself to attack.

This is fair, and tbh when you look game of AOE 2 ppl rarelly close themself entirely, it’s mostly closing the way to protect ressource gatherer (but garison also help alot in AOE 2 though)

No gates !! Party will be up :slight_smile: How many rushes have we prevented in our isolated base, but the moment we opened one wall it all collapsed hahahahaha

@zkhil2 It’s been confirmed that there will not be gates in AoE:DE.

Confirming again that there won’t be gates :slight_smile: We’re sticking to the Age1 gameplay as much as possible.

@Cysion said:
Confirming again that there won’t be gates :slight_smile: We’re sticking to the Age1 gameplay as much as possible.

Great! I am glad that you are active here too, it is important that the real developers are active on forums!

No gates please.

I’m a bit mixed about this. On the one hand, I want to keep the original game design, but on the other, gates have been something I have wished for since first playing the original game all those years ago.

It would almost be a nice modernisation to the game. I will survive and enjoy the game without them though :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete and rebuild wall, requires more micro, more advantage, more payoff.

From another discussion:
I think first of all that the AI should be improved in their city planning, especially in their building of defenses. Now in the UnofficialPatch most of that has been improved. But I still end up finding enemies building a line of towers on a side of their town where there is no threat, and leaving the obvious wide open.

Now you could argue that it would be cool if the AI would be capable of building walls in the first place. A thing which is now being considered a human-player thing only.

So if you update the AI capable of building walls, I think you should implement gates as well (considered their units will get stuck if you don’t). But then again (as already been said) this game is not AOE II, where all of that is already happening.

Second, if you DO add gates, but without updating the AI being capable of building walls. The player would be too OP against any AI, which really downgrades the single player experience. I do agree it could be fun in a PvP battle, but you should then only add walls and gates in PvP only. And even then I think it really changes the game into something that already exist: AOE II

We barely need gates in AoE II and I don’t think we are going to need them in this new AoE DE. I am glad developers confirmed there won’t be any, it will be more like the old days.

Hey guys, who aggree with me on this? :smile:

Would be awesome to have gates and have your village more secure… I remember when I first played AoeII and saw the gates for the first time, my reaction was so nice and “Waaaa, now we can have gates to close our walls, that’s perfect”.

Since I’ve never liked to play like those frenzy stupid pro players who ends the game in 5 minutes… I preffer the battlefields fill with troops and big cities to destroy… hahaha.

Adding gate to AOE would be a great improvement to the game. Don’t would be??

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There will be no gates in AoE:DE. In fact, there will be nothing new added to the game - the game is only a remaster, so that means only new graphics, engine, music, and a couple other technical things.

That is such a shame. I bring this as a suggestion, and MAYBE if the community agrees with that, they can add the gate… We have AGE2HD with a lot of new updates and contents… why wouldn’t we have the same thing with the definitive edition?

this has already been discussed, please do not create duplicate threads : https://forums.ageofempires.com/discussion/940/gates-and-other-units-but-with-a-twist#latest