Meso Hinting in Sage of Empires

On the Age of Empires 4 website there is a Sage of Empires tab where someone presents fun facts about the civs in the game. It’s low key stuff like what type of food they ate back in the day. They just dropped a Day of the Dead article. So, apparently, the people working on AOE 4 think Aztec culture is not off subject or something. And they ended the article with a leading “P.S …”

Really hoping this means what I think this means.


That would be absolutely fantastic!
Really interesting if they do add a Meso-civ to see how they are to balance them when it comes to siege.


I think you’re reading way too much into this. Sage of Empires is not an AOEIV thing only; in fact the primary in-game rewards associated with this seem to be AOEIII related, since it already has a Mexico civ that Dia de Muertos fits well with.


Yeah actually finding and looking at this now I have to agree. It wasn’t a specific AoE4 thing at all.


One day we will have a new Age game that launches with a Meso civ. I can feel it in my bones.

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The article by Sage doesn’t indicate anything at all. Meso civ will come in due time but not before Byzantines and Japanese.

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I know there is a lot of interest in the Byzantines and Japanese, but I don’t think they would be incredibly fun to play. I think the Malians have proven that breaking the formula leads to more fun civs.

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You don’t even have the proof that the aforementioned civs “won’t be fun” to play. The Byzantines and Japanese are not even in the game yet. Malians are not even “fun” imo while the stealth mechanics are gimmicky plus mentioning they have a very bad winrate currently.

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This is a strange thing to say. We have no idea what they will play like.

They can give almost any mechanic to any civ and theme it in a way that fits.

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Are we talking about… HINTS?

  1. Inca confirmed new Civ,
  2. Petard new units,
  3. Gbetos/DahomeyAmazon/musofadi for Mali, because she was a new unit for a new Civ.
  4. I don’t know if is a reference to Age of Mythology:Reforged, or the Egiptians of Age2:DE:RomaAGAIN DLC. Maybe boths.

That artwork is not only a aoe4 thing , the Inca boy could be smth for aoe3 , not for aoe4


The woman you marked “3” is the AI leader of the Hausa in Age of Empires 3…and has nothing to do with Age of Empires 4.


That picture is probably refering to all Age of Empires games (+Mythology), not hints for new AoE4 content

Anyway, the Aztecs would be very cool new civilisation for AoE4


I think, that Byzantines, Japanese, Aztecs and “Spanish” are most requested candidates for new AoE4 civs

Aztecs have a lot of potential to make super unique civilisation focusing on infantry and warior monks on one side, with lack of cavalry, siege weapons and navy on other side

Dude, that is not an Incan headdress, and the ‘musofadi’ is actually queen Amina, leader of the Hausa in Aoe3 DE

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The shield above the fireplace is btw the same as the one from the Greek soldier on the AoE 1 artwork, so yeah, this image tries to combine all Age games.

I’m also not an expert on Meso civs, but the person you marked in 1 reminds me of the guy in the middle of the Conquerors artwork (the Expansion didn’t feature Inca tho as they were later added with Forgotten)


You’re right, the native king’s headdress is similar to some of the depictions they make of Moctezuma II, the one from the Conquerors campaign. In fact, that would confirm “Aztecs” (Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!).

But hey, leaving the plan of hints, you are right, it seems that they wanted to show features of all the games of the age franchise in a single image, which is a pleasure.

Even so, I still can’t find the hints of the 3rd game.

OH! that’s the hint of the 3rd game, and above all in the Definitive Edition! Thanks for clearing it up. Well, here it was, it was a figure that celebrated the 4 ages, including Mythology:
1.- Age of empires 1: Hoplite Shield
2.- Age of empires 2: Petardero and Moctezuma II
3.- Age of Mythology: Statues of Isis
4.- Age of empries 3: Reyna AMINA and Lizzie the pirate
5.- Age of empires 4: Joan of Arc and a General, from Morocco or Tunisia? I do not know of another full red Islamic flag, if anyone has answers I would appreciate it. Was that the indirect hint or is it just red to contrast French blue? Hahaha, I love making deductions.