Mesoamerican Mounted Units

What about adding Calvary Archers to the Meso-stable They would actually be alot more viable than Xolotol with the armor upgrades.

Mesos not having access to mounted units is a bit of an intentional design decision (with Xolotl warriors being a bit of an Easter Egg). Though I do think that the Xolotl warrior would benefit from getting extra conversion resistance (similar to the light cavalry line). The fact that it doesn’t get armor upgrades (or unit upgrades) would keep it from being broken (it would still be vulnerable against archers, and of course lacks Cavalier/paladin upgrades). But I don’t think such a change is particularly likely (the meso civs don’t really need buffs).

Meso civs are designed around the fact that they have neither horses nor gunpowder. Sure 2 of the 3 can convert stables to make xolotl but this unit is rarely worth the trouble.

That’s also why they all have bonuses/UTs for skirmishers and have eagles, to better counter archers and partially make up for the lack of cavalry.

After that it’s just a poor matchup that is found for many other civs. Once a Byzantine player has his cataphracts rolling, Gothic players will be in a tough spot.

I also see this discussion probably more in the context of new civ additions.

I thik nobody wants new eagle civs. The current mesos just cover that niche already.

But I see potential for variants with another type of scout unit that isn’t also a Monk counter.

I remember you. You were nasty when I was trying to explain that yes you indeed need to balance around multiplayer. How much do you play? Not mufh if you ghost on us for many months only to come back and call the meta something it isnt. So to help you understand: Meso civs are based on the idea of stopping late game gun civs with early eco bonuses that prevent post imp settings from where they start to fall apart

If the enemy gets a ton of jannisaries then you weren’t aggressive enough

Literally everyone on this forum wants more eagle civs.


nope look at the vote. I want more american civs but another meta hinges on eagle imo is boring. having another special unit that is not eagle nor iroquis warrior would also means more skins for editor

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HC combined with BBC, skirms becomes almost useless if you are not a god of micro.

Only Aztecs skirms with the range bonus have a slightly better chance.

On close maps, american civs has a low chance to win vs HC/BBC civs.

But it’s part of the game, they win easy against archers civs, thanks to eagles.

You guys are here talking about countering combined gunpowder units and here I am asking: why did you the eagle civ with amazing early game economy let them get such an immaculate economy!?