[Message To Developer] The Editor in multiplayer is a mess

I don’t understand why you have created the possibility for players to create co-op scenarios with AI, they are very buggy, I constantly get the desynchronization message, it’s very difficult to create a quality scenario without it crashing, I wanted to create a lot of them but you still haven’t fixed these bugs.
This is the reason why I don’t create multiplayer scenarios because on all my co-op scenarios the message will arrive and the game will crash when I make a more complex scenario.

Please the community, the message must go to the developers


I’d also raise the issue that it’s not even the Scenario Editor in multiplayer is a mess. It’s just plain a mess, even in single player it has a lot of broken features.


yes, it’s true, and why never make these corrections when the editor can keep the game alive for fans of story, solo and co-op and requests to fix the editor have been made since the beginning of the game and the release of the coop but nothing is done, messages from players in the help and modding section are ignored…