Message to developers to correct and improve the game

Hey guys! Having experience with RTS and role-playing on multiple platforms I wanted to come up with ideas for improving our AoE IV. It concerns the gameplay and the settings.

I have put these suggestions in the order that I think are priorities.

Gameplay fix

-Stone tower 360° range.
The stone towers shoot at about 100 ° with their integrated spring. This limits the defense system a lot and ends up spending a lot of stone. Especially since in the vast majority of cases, the attacking player very simply bypasses the towers with his rams or his units.
I will therefore recommend to fire the stone towers at 360 °. But increase the price of a tower. 250 or 300. Optionally, limit this function to certain civilizations.

-Allow to re-view the Chat of a replayed game. Because the cut replay of his chat is less fun. It’s a lot of fun to see the discussion between the players on a team, it’s more motivating to watch reruns, a bit like a movie shoot where you have the gameplay and the show.

-Make sure that the end game is weak to artillery combat. It is not appreciated by many players, and yet it is an inevitable step. One player will emerge from the espringales or catapults en masse, forcing the other to do the same. The epic combats of units with human figures give way to a chaos of siege weapons which is not very interesting, and which does not reflect the reality of the Middle Ages. Bottom line: we don’t need it, and it’s not fun to play.
The espringale are going to be nervous, but it is probably not enough. The catapults should also be nerfed by increasing their price for example, without needing to reduce the damage.

Regarding the multiplayer profile

The goal: to increase the identification of the player with his multiplayer profile. Improve your online identity to stimulate your ego, therefore, your desire to play and fight online.
Average gamers, in general, seek gratitude and want to build their virtual heroic cult, like a gladiator in the arena.
This requires giving them the possibilities to build their identity.

-Give the possibility in Multiplayer Options to determine his favorite color, so that the Relic algorithm increases the chances that the player will fall on his favorite color in auto match.
Many players are sensitive to the color they embody.

-Display on the player’s visible profile his “favorite civilization”, that is to say the one most played by the player.
A player is sensitive to the mechanisms of identification, his “self”, through which he is observed, perceived by other players.

-Include many other avatar possibilities, it would take at least 30 different per faction to avoid redundancy, the feeling of being a similar one.

-Give the possibility to customize the decoration of its buildings and units, at least slightly.
In Age of Empire Online there was the RPG aspect of loot items during missions, as a reward, which allowed the appearance of a hoplite or any unit to be changed.
In Dawn of War the army-building aspect worked wonders. Players could color their units, their buildings, and even name their army.

Addition of functionalities

-Introduce more heroic units in future DLCs, including civilizations that are already playable. We should add more. Players love it, we saw it in Warcraft III, and the games that dominate in e-esports like Dota 2 or League of Legends.
At the moment it is only the Mongol Khan who is heroic. But it’s a pretty weak unit.
It would take at least one heroic unit per faction, two or three would be better, and the ability to name them. So when you click on it it reads “Genghis Wololo” or whatever. Gamers will love the creative aspect and also the comedic flair some gamers have that puts the vibe online.

up, do you guys have impressions :smiley: agree or not agree with things?