Messages bug in the scenario editor?

Anyone else encounter a problem in the scenario editor where the majority of the typed out history page in the messages gets erased when you edit a different part of the page? For example the scenario instructions, hints stay the same but if I edit the history part a small bit then 2 paragraphs get erased clean. Has anyone else come across this issue?

What game is this issue occurring in?

Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition

Had that, too. All the time.
Seems to me like there is a character limit when you type the messages. But it only gets enforced when you edit the text??
Really kills the ability to write a good scenario storyline.

Also since one update i cannot use the Enter Key in the messages. Have to type one big wall of text.

This is a pretty big bug and has been there since release. Mentioned a dozen times to the devs. The fact they have still not fixed this says everything about the state of AoE DE.

They simply don’t care. At all.