Messaging interface is too laggy in multiplayer!

It takes more than 10 sec to display written messages during the game.
How is that possible ? in 3v3 or 4v4 it is sometimes 20 sec.


The same happens in WC3 Reforged. I think it is because the chat UI is actually coded in chrome or something. Not something we actually see in most games. Nowadays gaming companies outsource this fairly simple task to someone who shouldn’t be doing it, but can technically do it. Hence they can save some money and get a working UI/Chat menu. But working is a broad term.

I agree, it is just really obnoxious that we see friends come online and pop offline if they switch in and out of lobbies. It can take 3 - 20 seconds before friends receive a group invite or the leader receives the acceptance of it. I’ve had chats where I started to question if my mind was playing tricks on my and I never typed anything. Sometimes the GG shows up almost a minute later, well after I quit the game and the opponent actually left already, lol. When I login and go to ranked, ranked still needs like 10 seconds to load before I can queue a game. It is all very sluggish. And quite annoying.

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Hey @FairestDawn5263 and @KiezelSteentjeh! Are you seeing delays on every single message? Or just when sending multiple messages in quick succession?

@KiezelSteentjeh it sounds like you’re also seeing a large delay in other MP features, such as invites and lobby messages; is that correct?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes I see delays on every messages (5-20 sec). But indeed multiple messages also increase the problem, with additional delay between consecutive messages…

Delay can be variable, depending on the game or the moment in the game, but is always significantly long.
Same problem during the game and before the game, in the chat box when the game is starting.

(a) The delay is highly inconsistent. At some times it takes 1 or 2 seconds. But sometimes, later that same gaming session with friends, it may take 30 seconds for a chat message to pop up.
(b) It is broad: also for group invites (both receiving and seeing the acceptance), ranked loading slow.

In my head I’ve always attributed this to (i) generic poor coding of the UI and (ii) server instability. Where (i) would cause the base line and (ii) would case the the surplus on that baseline. This is roughly how I’m used to UIs due to playing Wc3 Reforged.

My friends would experience the same, hence I had to rule out it would be a local corruption or whatever.

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Thank you both for additional information. I’ll take this to the team!


Hi @SavageEmpire566 ,
Still 20 sec needed to display “HELP” in the chat box in 4v4.
When are you planning to fix that ?
That is unacceptable for an RTS like Age of empire.

Thank you for reporting @FairestDawn5263! I know it’s been quite a while since you first reported, but work is definitely happening on this one.

@SavageEmpire566 I have the same issue with some messages after the game taking a whole minute or so. I know you said it is on the works 13 days ago but I would like some inside info on why this is happening if you managed to hear anything about it. Like is a single server queueing messages from every game to validate them for profanity ?

This is still true :smile:! Keep watch over the next couple of updates.

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