Meta Boom

balance IS an opinion;

And it has been the most popular opinion of devs to player that BOOM META IS UNEVENTFUL AND BORING; both to play and watch.

These changes would directly impact RUS ABBASID AND CHINA. French, HRE, and English would feel this nerf slightly. All currently remaining civ typically do not go 2nd TC early.

Like @Adribird90 said; arrowslits on a nearby tower can shutdown the ########## TC from a side; and not just that but archers/longbows could harrass villagers from closer.

IMO these changes will force blind 2nd 2TC to be placed extremely defensively or risk disaster. Alternatively ppl will have to make army to secure their expansion placement.


I can agree with all that.

I guess it’s a good change overall. I’m just curious how civ that are impacted will need to play now.

For example Abbasyd is one of the civ I play often. And TC was really useful to help defending. I guess they will need to just play more aggressive from the start? Do you think military wing will be the only viable option?
Most pro players seemed to be saying you shouldn’t get fresh foodstuff unless you get a second TC… So it will be hard to gain eco edge while most other civ can still get their eco edge as easily as before.

Also another collateral of this change is that on water map. Going for water and KEEPING the water would be even more necessary. Reducing the possible options.

I believe normative abbasid play is to open up military wing and go 2nd TC using the free units as a buffer against mild aggression/setting your own minor pressure.

If you watch the pros they only go culture when its a mirror abbasid or a BOOM vs BOOM civ (vs china rus mali etc). And technically all of Abbasid strategies are still viable when executed into the right matchup.

Military wing into aggro/expanison vs most
Culture/Trade wing into boomers.

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The problem for Rus/China is that if you are building your 2nd TC near the landmark, you are sacrificing a lot. Either your landmark is not protecting the resources it normally would (usually the woodline), or your 2nd TC isn’t securing more resources (it’s just vill production and you still need towers or whatever to protect deer/golds).

Imo, this change is a pretty sizable nerf to a number of matchups for Rus/China/Abbasid. Rus basically has to place their 2nd TC on food and the kremlin on wood, but now they can’t as reliably protect both.

Another way to weaken the strategy of multiple TCs is to decrease the range of the villagers’ torch.
Consider that the attacker must invest in making the blacksmith, then the siege technology, produce at least 2 rams, two production buildings (for two different units) and produce some units; while the defender has an easy time with the distance advantage that the torch gives him with his villagers

The torch range is short, it looks long on your screen because it’s going after a retreating ram.

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You still can boom, but its more risky. You have to build towers/outposts near the second TC or build the second TC near the landmark TC.

I think It was a good change. A second TC far away from home, defending It self alone, was very low risky.

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They should instead have moved additional TCs to castle or reduced the training speed of villagers in non-capital TCs.
That would have been the easiest way to fix this hyperboom and perma-spam of vills.

Moving tc to castle would just force even more Fast Castle and nothing else. This would be a worse idea.
Not a big fan of different training time as it becomes inconsistant with main tc. I think if you want to nerf TC the best ways are increasing tc cost or reducing tc hp.


I understand your point but I’m leaning towards increasing the cost of villagers in non-Landmark TCs

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the villager torch has 1 range slot, I suggest it be 0.5 slots

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