Mexico Independence September 15 Event?

Plenty of independences from Spain are celebrated in September, idk why we have to make this about Spain…


Idk, the game borned about the Americas, maybe its an important event. Also a travel around the globe in a game with a world map for each map available has something to do with the game.

That Latam countries are what they are thanks of being a mix between iberian and american cultures, you can like it or not

Whether it’s Mexico or Brazil, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the game continues to receive content. :smile:


Of course, in addition to the fact that this year is the 530th anniversary of the Discovery of America…

Mexico and Chile only, Paraguay celebrates it in May;Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Peru in July and Bolivia and Uruguay in August…

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Mmmm… no?

México, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Chile.

New DLC:

Pacific and Atlantic (Chile & Brasil)

In 2021 they had to put Venezuela because Carabobo.

Now i would include all south-american resting civs on 2024 with 200 years of Ayacucho, which, under Great Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre, colombian, venezuelan, chilean, peruvian, bolivian, argentinian, equatorian and panama soldiers fought to send Spanish out of our continent.

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  • Brasilians civ (solo civ DLC) DLC + Portuguese patch
  • Argentinians and Gran Colombians civs DLC
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Central America became independent from Mexico, not Spain…and it was in July, not September…

Of course, in 2024 they can take out Argentina and Great Colombia on one side and Peru and Chile on the other…

Sure, “The Liberating Nations” with Argentina (Jose de San Martín) and Gran Colombia (Simon Bolivar)



In my opinion, the Brazilians civ should appear separately and the two civs Argentines and Gran Colombians in pair. Brazil would fit perfectly with the Portuguese update. Brazilians, because they were a Portuguese colony, it would be more unique than Gran Colombians and Argentines who were Spanish colonies (Mexicans are already in the game so these civs would have common features like Hacienda, Cathedral and Soldato).

The Gran Colombians civ would cover a huge area of ​​northern South America that is not represented in AoE 3. Like Mexicans, the civ could have many options for revolution, such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. It would be really nice if Gran Colombians civ contain Muisca just like Mexicans civ contain Maya - thus it would contain a forgotten highly developed pre-Columbian civilization.

It would be nice to see the ruins of Muisca civilization in Bogota (Gran Colombians’ Home City)

Argentines & Gran Colombians civs DLC would also include three Historical Battles:

  1. Argentinian HB - Battle of Chacabuco (February 12, 1817)
  2. Gran Colombian HB - Battle of Carabobo (24 June, 1821)
  3. BONUS Peruvian HB - Battle of Ayacucho (9 December, 1824)

Why do you keep spreading misinformation? A quick google search gives you the answer. I’ll leave it in Spanish here for you, for more accuracy:

“Se denomina Independencia de Centroamérica al proceso emancipador por parte de los actuales países de Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua y Costa Rica, los cuales, a través de la firma del Acta de Independencia de América Central el 15 de septiembre de 1821 rompen lazos con el Imperio Español. ​”

Sure,i wouldn’t said better…the revolutions of Gran Colombia would be in industrial age:Colombia,Venezuela and Ecuador (1830) and imperial age:Panama (1904)…

It would be too the British invasions (1806-1807) or the Battle of the Vuelta de Obligado

Sí,pero rompen lazos con el Imperio Español como territorios del Primer Imperio Mexicano de Iturbide,luego con la caída del Primer Imperio en 1823 se indepedendizan de México (por algo son una revolución en la segunda edad para México)…


He hecho una publicacion de la Gran Colombia algunas ideas que se puedan complementar esto no es un pedido para los desarrolladores son solo ideas por si de pronto los desarrolladores o alguien quiere hacer la civilización o un mod de esta civilizacion dejo el enlace de las ideas:

Maybe also:

Cundinamarca (Fortress Age) -----> Muisca (Cundinamarca Revolution)

Could you name any revolutions to suit Gran Colombians? For Argentineans too.

Of course,i said it for the regime changes in Colombia in 1830,1858,1863 and 1886…and in Argentina you have the Anarchy of 1820 and the differents revolutions in the XIX century (1852,1870,1874,1880,1890 and 1893)…

Oh pls Yeah Carabobo would be outstanding!

Five Central American countries also celebrate their independence on September 15th, just so you know…

I am a Central American history teacher. Central America proclaimed its independence parallel to Mexico, and in reaction to it (we were afraid of a Mexican invasion if we stayed as a Spanish colony, but we were not excited about severing ties from Spain yet). Central America has a separate independence document signed and sent to Spain separately. We hoped the declaration of independence would save us from being annexed into Mexico, but it did not and we initially had to yield and accept Mexican suzerainty. We broke ties as soon as Mexico was too concerned with their internal issues too address our choice to leave. We never identified as Mexicans, nor were we fully part of the New Spain Viceroyalty, as the Capitanía General de Guatemala was largely autonomous and directly ruled by its own Spanish authorities for most of the colonial era.

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They don’t do events like that, in general.
The upcoming special event will be tied to the franchise anniversary.

Almost every country has its independence day or a similar holiday, and there are a lot of civs in the game.

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Yes, but technically from Mexico, not from Spain… although it is practically the same…

Of course, that’s what I mean… Mexico and Central America became independent at the same time from Spain, to later take separate paths when in turn Central America decided to separate from Mexico aka Centroamerican Revolution from the Mexicans in the game…

Out of the topic :brazil:

On behalf of everyone, congratulations to the people of Brazil for their 200 years of independence, I hope that the developers add Brazil as a full civilization for the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

PD: I hope you have a Marvelous Year. :smile:

Let’s avoid breaking the rules, I have the following opinion regarding this topic.

It doesn’t matter what the developers celebrate, what matters is that our favorite game is still alive and receiving more content than ever. :sunglasses: