Microsoft certification proccess it's killing the game

Well, someone needs to say it.

We’ve already talked about this one or two months ago. Basically this means that the developers work on much needed hotfixes for gamebreaking bugs and/or really serious balance issues with the game as fast as possible. Yet the patch for said fixes will come like 1 month later because of the Microsoft certification proccess.

With today’s patchnotes (tomorrow patch), it’s obvious that this is a serious problem for the game. A lot of people is dropping the game due to really slow response to these issues.
Tomorrow’s patch WON’T FIX attack cancel animation nor demo ships being nukes. Despite these being on top of the most needed fixes, they’ll come next month, in the February patch.

So, if the dev already knows about these issues (that we knew weeks ago), why are they delaying the fixes? They are not, it’s because of the MS Cert proccess.

It’s not up to us to fix this. We, as players, communicate to the devs what we believe it’s better for the game, by reporting all the issues we encounter with the game.
Unfortunately, we cannot do anything with the responses being 2 months old. The needed fixes will always be running behind and slowly but steadily make players drop the game (as we already can see).

With every new patch and balance update, new problems will arise, so being 2 months behind what the game needs it’s absolutely not an option.

Until something it’s done with this really serious problem, I’m done with this game. Because I’m not having fun anymore. And all I want it’s the best for the game.


My friend. I hope you receive peace of mind while playing this day or one day.

We ought to wait until we install the patch before opening more threads to evaluate what has been done, positive and negative.

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The patchnotes are already released. And attack cancel animation and demo ships not being fixed in this patch is already adressed by the devs by being in the next patch, in February.
You can read here: Age of Empires IV — Patch 10257 - Age of Empires


Please can you provide a source for the MS certification process being the reason for the delay?

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He can’t. He just wants to cry.

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it delays because if it patches badly, they will have to make a patch to correct the errors of the patches, it already happened to age2, errors like these make the game unplayable until they correct it, which is much worse than nobody playing because of a bad "patch ", so it’s better slow but sure, you understand!