Microsoft Store: Gaming Services Update Mismatch

Game Version: No idea it is re-installing for the 5th time in two weeks…

  • Build Date is 12/1/2019 … Update was on 11/28

Platform: Microsoft Store

Issue: Microsoft Store: Gaming Services Update Mismatch. The game is stuck on version 1.34 unless you turn on shared experience then it updates to 1.35… OR this just happened to be a coincidence.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Update Shared experience
  2. Launch game


  1. Update Gaming services
  2. Launch Game

Root Cause: The Microsoft gaming service is not updating correctly. On two different PC’s I have two Different versions.

  • One is 1.34 and the other is 1.35.

  • The PC with the application updated to 1.35 did not update the services target file location. the service target is still 1.34

  • The Windows Host application does not have the appropriate rights so it keeps prompting UAC and failing to install

  • The PC with 1.34 cannot launch the game. It keeps prompting to run the Game Services installation… which is already installed.

  • The WindowsApps folder is a protected folder… and THUS:

I’m not going to waste my time fixing the secondary PC or troubleshoot the validity of my findings. The Update was on 11/28 which is DUMB… no offense but I received an update on a holiday weekend?.… I’m not being paid to fix this for your team… your all on holiday… I’m trying to enjoy mine. I charge $100 an hour to fix system issues for companies. Holiday pay is like $150 an hour. Seriously. I don’t care if I caused this problem the issue should have been caught. I don’t even know how to code and I’m not an engineer. That’s how basic this issue is. Its a version mismatch, but since its in a protected file space and version histories are hidden in Windows 10 its impossible for the average Joe to fix.