Microsoft Store still updating the Beta?

Hello there,
I was into Beta since it finished last week.
Before the Beta closed, I installed AoE 2 DE since I pre-ordered it.
A couple of days ago I uninstalled the Beta but I reconize that an update “Name-not-available” is frozen in the Microsoft Store as per screenshot attached.
By the size of the update I suppose it is something relevant to the Beta. I have no other games or app installed with such size and AoE 2 DE is working properly.
How can I stopped it? By click on X or pause button nothing happen.

First sign out from MS store app and all other apps (Xbox Companion-console etc). Next use Ctrl + Alt + Del and open the task manager. Expand the view (you’ll need to be administrator for doing that). Click end task on MS store and all other store apps still running in the background. Now open CMD as administrator and type wsreset and press enter. Finally shutdown your system (shutdown /s /t 0 and press enter) and then cold reboot your router. Wait a while and start your router and your computer again, sign in and now first check all Windows updates and after that MS store updates. Sign in to MS store again and problems should be solved. If not other measures are required.

Lol that amount of steps needed

That manipulation resolved cross patform error ? between microsoft and steam player

No, I believe the versions are currently not in sync so that prevents cross play at the moment.

I know. Easier would be to advice an in-place upgrade of Windows 10 using the media creation tool. :grin:

Thanks a lot! I solved with this procedure

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