Microsoft, what have you done!?

The new campaign narrations are awful in comparison, and lack all the richness and nostalgia of the originals. I understand wanting to record for new audio quality, but could the originals not have been remixed? It is done with old albums all the time.

I’m looking forward to AoE II: DE and the game looks superb, but I don’t like any of the new campaign narration I’ve seen on YouTube and I will really miss the old ones. At the very least I hope someone is able to rip the old ones from the HD edition and upload them as a Workshop mod.


The campaign narration is fabulous in my opinion and I can’t wait to listen the the Forgotten campaigns


Maybe it could be better, but it’s not awful.
tbf, it’s decent.


They are far from awful, they are actually pretty good. I agree some of the dramatic moments fall flat (i.e. new voices are less quotable) but other than that they hit the nail on the head and some of the voices feel pretty authentic too.

What does annoy me a little bit, though, is that a lot of the dramatic moments fall flat, not due to the voices, but due to how lines are edited in post. They seem to have been a bit impatient (or they feel we are) and have speed up pauses between sentences and between briefing “pages” - sometimes it feels like even the voices themselves have been speed up a bit. This lack of a “nack” for dramatic pauses does far more to ruin the mood that the actuall voice acting itself. All I can really say about this is: most people play single player missions to chill and will faff about in each mission for over an hour - they won’t get impatient just because your story bits are a few seconds longer for dramatic effect.


Funny how in most original AOE william wallace videos on youtube , you can easily find 3-4 comments lying around mocking the scotish accent for being horrible , and complaining that they couldn’t find someone scottish to do the narration.

Now , I get you , I adore the original narrations too because they hit the nostalgia button , but the new ones are pretty good at what they do. Perhaps they lack some “oomph” in the “epic” department, but they are not bad at all.


Also quite some campaigns didn’t have voice acting before and some text bits might have changed or been added in the old (recently voiced) campaigns. Just imagine a weird mix of different voice acting (different narrators in the same campaign, different quality). To record everything from scratch was the only way to go.

The campaign narration is still compared to older one yes in some cases it might be better.

thats only your opinion my man xD alot of us think the new narrations are alot better

I mean, William Wallace campaign’s narrator was funny
And La Hire’s

But we should accept that they were a bit cheesy

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i have to admit the original voice was alot cooler for this line :smiley: but alot of people pointed out that the scottish accent was completely off, so the devs kinda had to redo the voice acting


I really hope that someone will make a mod that rips audio files from original AoK.

“The English are terrorizing all Scotland” line is a legend and new version sounds so lame. Immediately when I heard it I closed the game. Waiting until there is a mod that fixes.

Atleast unit sounds are original lol


They are pretty good IMO.

Was it that bad? Not really.
I mean, the OG voices were a bit cheesy.

Just watch that youtube link at OP post.

In the original game the voice actually sounds a real Scotsman who want to liberate his country from Englishmen. Definitive edition voice sounds like a monotone nerd who lives in a mother’s basement.


I agree that it doesn’t sound the best, but remember, the Scottish one was always a bit exaggerated voice acting.

It’s decent though, not something to exit the game for.

I want my angry Scotsman narrator back!
The new one sounds like a text to voice program in comparison! He does not sound emotionally invested in the slightest!
We should be having the option to chose which narrators between the old and the new we want for which campaign between the old and the new.

I hope that if there is no official fix for this that someone will manage to make it into a mod, the same for the old music as well.
You should not be discarding good things that aged so well.

Edit: Where are the bagpipes in during the cutscenes?


I completely agree with this, and for the soundtrack. (Despite the fact that I love the new soundtrack)

There are things in the game that should be added, like the remains of arrows on the ground and skeletons. I agree, but the voices, despite being iconic, needed to be redone or the quality difference would be obvious (It’s 7 games in 1 game)

I’ll post my two cents here. The original AOE2 narration was a bit overacted (much like AOM but that is another topic) now it certainly added to the charm of it I agree but apart from nostalgia alone (and also hearing the old ones for so long) I Think the new ones are much better almost across the board. In terms of music it fits what DE is about, modernising the entire game AOE2 now feels like what a "modern aoe2 would look and sound like (MIDI would not be used) and since the new soundtrack is done By Masten it is reorcherstrated of course it does not sound the same as MIDI but that is the point some tracks sound odd though and the liberties taken with some of the tracks is a bit hit and miss in my personal opinion.

HD edition (or 2013 edition) is the old game remastered (which is the main reason I think there is not a classic toggle like in the first DE title). AOE2DE is more of a remake, in my opinion I enjoy both but some of the gameplay improvements (like auto farm reseeding) makes the game feel more modern and it will bring alot of people in, for the people that enjoy the look and feel of the original Campaign there is HD edition. The DE version did what it set out to do build upon the original game, whilist changing some gameplay elements to make the game feel more modern.

side note: I’ve seen skeletons of units but they fade quickly.

Yes I can admit that the new voice acting is much more clear sounding. But I am really disappointed that they decided to change nostalgic parts of the game without giving us the option to decide if we prefer the old or the new version of that game asset.
I bet nobody likes being told by others who they are supposed to enjoy their game. I feel like if the ones behind the development of the definitive edition are doing just that now…

Gaming in PC should be about options and a customizable personal experience where possible as long as it does not negatively impact the experience of other players.

With AoE2: DE as many people as possible, both old and new fans should be able to get the best AoE2 experience possible according to their tastes!

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If they did, then all the new features would be not optional

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