Microsoft will support keyboard and mouse "soon" on Xbox One X - my guess: AoE DE will be first

“Mouse and keyboard support is definitly coming. Soon.” Without a specific announcement being made I’m sure now this means AoE DE will come for Xbox One X. If at launch day of AoE or Xbox One X launch or later, no idea. Check this video of Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President Xbox and Windows-Gaming-Platform:

Can be good idea.

I thought Destiny 2 was already confirmed to take advantage of this? I could be wrong.

Currently AoE:DE is not slated for Xbox at all. Who knows if that’s even in the plans at all.

Please don’t create duplicate threads. Microsoft Studios has been very clear that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is going to be released for Windows 10 only.

Well, that wasn’t my intention, I didn’t see the other post before.
Nevertheless, Xbox One X is running on Windows 10. So I won’t rule this out. We’ll see what happens.