Mid elo hell

This is real.Low elo player playing far better then 1600s-2000s elo players. At least low elo players trying to do wharever correct with their low capability but mid elo player has no idea about game sense. I didnt see a low elo player; trying to do 3 tc boom while enemy attacking, massing archers againts goths, playing without walls;but, these are very comman in mid elo. Mil elo real hell.

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Wait what, are you talking about TG elo, if it is 1v1 elo then it is beyond insane.

I guess he’s talking about tg elo. It doesn’t make sense otherwise 11

TG elo doesnt make sense.

I just link to this thread about that subject. No need to re explain all the issues and the possible solutions.

Using a lot of interpretative skills i got his message, but still confusing when claiming that a <1600 plays better than the 2k, he is describing lower players having more common sense than mid elo.

Anyway hes lost in several aspects, this is just a rant about having bad team mates.