Middle age densely buildings instead of desertlike nomade settlements

Free standing “houses” “poison” for the Game mechanics

-It should be possible, like in Age of Empires 2, that the buildings can be built next to each other.
-As early as the Dark Ages, this thing should be introduced at least for all residential buildings, but in principle also for military and commercial buildings.
-Despite automatically created paths and streets at create buildings, the buildings should be allowed to be built close to each other so that the players have the feeling of being in an almost medieval Settlement and Town. Detached houses, as seen in the last previews, should not be used as walls under any circumstances, it would be very damaging to the game mechanics, and the military units should stand up for this.

Use of the “village houses” and the proposed “cattle breeding” for billeting the civil units

-Several villagers should be able to “village houses” but also in the proposed “Cattle breeding”, which i have proposed from the Feudal period. In Age of Empires 2 they could never do that, in Age of Empires 1 however yes and in Age of Empires 4 villagers could quarter and seek protection from attacks.
-Depending on the Age, different numbers of villagers should be able to quarter in houses and cattle breedings in Age of Empires 4. That would upgrade the previously disadvantaged villagers.