[Middle Ages Overview] Paradox partners with K&G, AoEIV?

Noticing how Paradox partnered with the historical youtube channel Kings & Generals to promote their next Grand Strategy title, Crusader Kings III, would you like to see similar productions or collaborations happening with AoEIV?

I find it fascinating actually that they are doing these mini series, offering both educational & entertaining content while at the same time promoting the game.

I’m sure our community doesn’t lack history or strategy geeks that would love to see something like that happening with AoEIV. We already had those nice Age Up episodes in the past but were later stopped. Or the Civilization History page in the AoE:DE section.

We’ve also heard how much the devs highlighted the historical accuracy as a desired feature for AoEIV.

I’d love to see something bigger happening this time with AoEIV, which also brings the question whether a campaign map could be present this time as well? That would be something new.