Military Gathering Point NOT working for Town Center

As the title says - Military Gathering Point is NOT working for Town Center.

Military units will move towards the Economic gathering point even when the military gathering point is set differently.

make sure that setting a gather point for tc only affects the eco one bc otherwise when you move it they will both be moved

There are two flags, economy and military.

I always set the military flag separately via left mouse click.
Still, military units via TC shipment will follow the economic flag instead of the military flag.

Developers, this is a very annoying issue.

Please fix it ASAP.

This issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

Military gathering point for town center doesn’t work.

Military units that arrive via shipments will follow the gathering point for the economy.

Works perfect for me. Did you turn it on in the options?

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Yes, you are right.

It worked for me too when I changed the “Economy Gather Point” from “Off” to “Town Center Only”.

This option is not clearly explained in the options menu.

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