Military units don't prioritize attacking enemy units, get stuck on buildings

This bug has been existing since the betas.

Military units (especially when attackmove is used) attack buildings instead of enemy military units or villagers.

I have multiple times reported it and also in the beta feedback.
My last thread was closed, so I wanna report it again for the current patch.

The bug occurs every match and is (imo) gamebreaking, so it is a severe bug of highest priority.
i kindly wanna request you to fix this bug timely.
Since Relic has made coh2, where you can even choose a mode for units to exclusively attack infantry,tanks or buildings or anything, it should take no time to adapt/extend the game code by same devs timely in aoe4.

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It’s been 3 weeks and there is no reply.
Maybe DEVs have missed the thread?

Fixing this problem along with the pathing is super important.