Militia can't block villagers?

Not sure if this is a bug or part of the new patch that made blocking lamed boars impossible so I am putting it here. I could maybe be convinced that the male villager got away but the female villager, she teleports through the first militia and then walks right between the other two militia making them look completely useless. It looks like i sent the 3 village idiots to attack my enemy. This is the second time this happened to me which is really making me consider ever doing a drush into FC. Anyone else experience this?


I think the hitboxes are still a hot topic of debate, I feel they messed everything up when they tried to “fix” steppe lancers, and even now you have vills physically walking through eachother and essentially coming in and out of a state of having no hitbox. Its most apparent when taking a boar/sheep under the TC with a lot of villagers, sometimes they just ghost walk through other vills to get to an accessible part.

I do believe that somewhere along the line they changed something because it never used to be this hard to block villagers in with 3 militia in situations like these. She clearly walks right through 3 militia. They are directly in her way and all 5 units are standing on a single tile so its not like there is a lot of room for her to move between them…

Dude what the ■■■■ that villager just walked through those units. I don’t understand how anyone can play that ■■■■ game. These devs are out of controll.

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Really I cannot believe what I’m seeing. I would instantly quit the game if that happened.

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Makes me think of when villagers could walk through walls and resources, making my opponent recieve a misterious wave of curses, followed by an strange victory screen.

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i actually called gg there and went to go play a different game

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By the way another thing to note here is that the militia actually attacks the female villager first and thats why she starts to walk away before my opponent actually reacts