Militia-line Change: remove Two-handed Swordsman

Why not remove the actually useless Long Swordman and move two handed swordmen to castle age

exactly, and keeps the granularity we have between different infantry civs

malay and bulgarians have to be 2hs, gurjaras have to be 2hs

none of these civs should have something as weak as LS, or as strong as champs, nevermind the granularity between non infantry civs

also im agaisnt removing anything from the game that isnt a bug/exploit. we dont want less content, we want more


I mean when you compare unit stat increases, the only ‘useless’ upgrade is THS that only gives you 3 attack and +2 extra bonus attack vs Eagles/+1 vs buildings.

Compare to Long Swordsman that gives you +15hp, +3 attack, +4/+1 vs Eagle/building, and 1 melee armor…

Even Champion gives you less than Long Swordsmen, only +10hp and +1 attack compared to THS.

Yeah but I mean that THS are at least useful even if the upgrade is pointless. Meanwhile oongswords are only worth making against meso

I agree, people have a lot of well intentioned ideas but have drastic solutions when a simpler solution meets the need.

Militia-line has 4 upgrades while the no other unit has 3 upgrades

Militia line is also the only unit line available in all 4 ages.

Camels have 3 upgrades, technically.

No civ can do all 3 upgrades, but they do exist now.

Technically still two, since Camel Scout → Camel Rider isn’t really an upgrade as it’s automatic and free. ;p

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I’m not sure if that counts since the upgrade is free and as you mention no civ has both Camel scout and Imp Camel. Technically you could count reaching feudal age as an upgrade for your scout since it is functionally the same as an upgrade and the only difference is that its name and appearance doesn’t change you also might be able to make a case for Winged Hussar even though they upgrade straight from Light calvary.

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So are the Turks’ light cav and hussar upgrades.

Yeah, but that’s a branched evolution, camels have a baby form and a mega. Or it might be a gigantamax form, I’m not sure.

2h Swordsmen adds a complexity layer in terms of which civs can counter Halbs comfortably and which cannot. For example a big weakness of Mayans is the fact that they don’t have Champions in spite of having full Blacksmith.

I think the way it is now, is fine, teching to counter Halberdiers should be hard especially given how weakish Halbs are already.

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Removing a feature like this would only kill diversity, why would one do such thing? Balance doesnt justify killing the game.

Actually with my proposal THS would have been reqorked intona different unit with completely new purpose and such, but i get that this is much more complex than just making the upgrade chalet and faster

What would a good approach for the se upgrade a be then? Making them 50 seconds and 75 seconds respectively for THS and Champs would save 50 seconds total iirc, and something like 200 F 100 G for THS and 600 F 200 G for Champion would save 400 res. Just throwing numbers out there

I wonder why devs haven’t made anithing about it thus far if it is so simple and we all agree those two upgrades are top expensive in terms of res and times

Because most civs in the game have champions, and rarely lack more than 1 upgrade for them, then there is all the different bonuses/UTs, so it’s kinda hard to just slap a buff on all these civs without breaking several things.