Militia-Line Overhauling

-UP to castle, all the same except Long Swordman upgrade new stats: 60 HP Attack 8 Armor 0-2 - Speed 1

-In Imperial age Two handed Swordman & Champion split from militia line (New Heavy infantry line). New cost 60F 35G, new stats: 65/75 HP - Attack same - Armor 2-1 / 2-2 - speed same

-Two handed swordman instantly trainable (like Knight or CA in Castle age)

-New Champion Uprgade cost 1100F 500G, same researching time

-Supplies move it to Imperial age and cost rised (Something like Hussar or Halberdier upgrade)

-Supplies change effect, replace gold cost for food to, onwards, “Light infantry line” (Militia, Man at Arms and Long Swordsman)

This makes LS more unappealing. Without supplies, LS cost more food and hinder booming in Castle age.

I dont understand the last idea. Swordsman change to trash unit?


Right, I thought it as a more organic post imperial riding unit for infantry civs that lacks a decent light cav line…

i like the idea of buffing the armor and increasing the cost of infantry…

I personally would remove 2HS and make 1 upgrade for each age and buff all the line but militia

Unit cost 55F 35G (from 60F 25G)
MaA 50hp 7dmg 1/1 armor
LS 65hp 11dmg 1/2 armor
CH 75hp 14dmg 2/2 armor

Also I would change pikemen a little too
Unit cost 45F 35W (grom 35F 25W)
Spearmen 50hp 4dmg (same bonus dmg) 0/0 armor
Pikemen 60 hp 6dmg (same bonus dmg) 1/0 armor
Halbardier 70hp 8dmg (same bs dmg) 1/0 armor

The question is, if they should beat knights cost effectively.

They are already the counter of pike+siege, mass trash, eagle warrior and mass huskarl.
Basically no one with highskill is asking for a militia line buff.

these endless debates over and over and over trying to reinvent the wheel

people have over evaluated the militia line in tons of posts, and we regularly end up with radical things like this? it will never happen

if people are so resistant to small rational changes like LS + supplies tech price decreases and 0.05 speed increases, why on this world would they accept an absolute overhaul where everyone has trash infantry, and nobody trains infantry until imperial age??


This makes Malay UT obsolete. Swordsman should better cost gold.

I prefer a generic tech ‘Change the cost of ONLY longswordsman to 25f/40g’ (effect vanish upon THS upgrade or researching supplies)
This tech may be available for a few generic civs (eg. Portuguese, Byzantines, Saracens, Indians, Italians)

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I you remove 2HS, either you are really nerfing civs like Bulgarians or Malay, or you are trying to really buff them if they get Champs.

No, because Force Levy could be apllied to Two handed swordsman, which is sustainly better than longswordman

My idea is to buff LS to 2HS level and make militia line to have 3 upgrades instead of current 4
Basically I want MaA to upgrade to 2HS in Castle age, but I like the LS model more

It should make little to no diferent to civs like Bulgarian or Malay, the only civ that could be nerfed or buffed are the Persians since they would keep a buffed LS or be limited to MaA