Militia line units are underrepresented wouldn't you say?

Not a bad idea actually. As long as you are not asking it for War Elephants.

Here’s a web video about under-used counter units that names (spoiler) champions as the number 1. Personally I use militia line every chance I get. They constantly get underestimated, are cheap, and can sack and imperial base in the 28-35 minute range fairly easily before your enemy has a chance to realize how it happened.


Now with the new supplies technology they will be even cheaper.

Man… supplies sounds awesome. I really like the Malay for cheap two handed swordsmen used as trash units in the late game. But with militia costing less gold in late game you will really have more range of options

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Yes more options would be available for Malay.

Yeah they murder buildings easily, but they’re still not that strong by themselves for their current cost (supplies might change that), archers and knights can easily kill them without much effort.
This is y I like to play Goths tho, Huskarls are like militia line done right in a way.

  • Created quickly
  • Almost immune to arrows
  • Also have great building damage bonus
  • Stats almost as good as the ones from the militia line
  • Civ bonus makes them rly cheap

There’s like nothing better than swarm the enemy base with 80+ huskarls and watch them murder everything on their path (the only things that can actually pack a punch against them are some siege units and hand cannoneer variants, knights are still individually stronger but they’ll be in much smaller numbers, tho steppe lancers could potentially change things)