Min Spec Mode

So finding out the devs have technically been making two games at one time puts things into perspective.

Which I think is great and it solves a lot of the debates here in this forum.

So they introduced this system called Min Spec mode. It’s besically an over simplified version of the game, toning down all the graphics and animations into the most simplistic mode.

This system wouldn’t have been easy for the devs to design as it would basically require a whole redesigning or completely new game for people of a different player base.

Basically all those who complained about too much clutter, wanting more simplicity, a basic game, just focusing on gameplay. This mode is for you. Even for those with potato PC. Enjoy all the simplicity you want in this amazing game mode the devs have miraculously worked hard on.

Which basically leaves them to add all the graphical clutter and details on the original game. Satisfying two player bases, the competitive players, who so far have given positive reviews and preference towards min spec mode, and the campaign and single mode players who want all the detail for immersive purposes.

Which is why many things look unedited in the final form, and probably why things haven’t been introduced yet. When you have been chugging away, making two games in the time period of 1, it’s so hard to do everything. And seeing as Microsoft would not have given them the extension, they needed to leave something’s till after launch. Hence why the beta and stress test was so delayed as well.

Hopefully us players will see all the detailed textures and patterns in the main mode while the competitive players and people with potato specs enjoy the min spec mode. Thanks devs!

Article for reference


Good to see they are trying to appease both parties.
Hopefully the hardware detection is better now (in the beta it seemed to force people on lower settings).

I look forward to seeing things improve post-launch as well!

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Yeah it seems more like a manual settings change.

But it’s good, just means all the graphical detail lovers can ask for whatever irrelevant detail they want without impacting on the people who don’t want that because they don’t care about graphics.

Makes me so much more positive about the game.

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Sorry, but how exactly is that news? We had the min spec mode already in the beta. It’s also not a “separate game”, it’s just the lowest setting for all the visuals.

You guys really try your hardest to turn “developing a game around old hardware” into the holy grail. And people who want to actually be able to use the power of their rigs get villified.


I think we’re just happy the game is more accessible to more people.


I do expect people with these specs (including myself) to get an experience equivalent to their pcs.
Updates on the high-end aren’t unheard of so we shall see in the coming days after launch.

Until then I’d like to test the 4k textures dlc out as well.


I wonder if the ideal graphics settings imply a resolution of 2k or more, or is the graphics really getting much better there? It’s a shame that I still have an ASUS GTX 1050ti 4Gb.

I don’t think there Will be 4k textures. What you’ve seen (4k DLC pack) Is a about documentaries.

Idk the description seems pretty self-explanatory.

Basically it indicates that the devs are separating the two people who are pro graphics or don’t care about graphics.

All those people who invalidate, sorry not invalidate, TRY to invalidate our argument, have an option which fulfill their needs. Hence they have no reason to shut down people’s graphical desires. Such as manned siege etc.

Like they created completely new polygon meshes for min spec mode. And made it so simple.

I didn’t know it was an option in beta. If it’s been there the entire time, then some of these arguments baffle me so much more.

This and I’m happy that all those who have counter arguments to all the graphics forums have a mode they can play with and be happy. People who think so much graphics makes the game clunky, and that for competitive play they just want a simplified format. It’s there. They can play AOE their way, and we can play it our way. No need to clash like it’s been happening in every forum.

It means all the people who want graphical additions, ask away! Sky is the limit. Because no matter what you add, it won’t affect the other side of the spectrum.


It warms my heart that they are doing what they can to keep the franchise playable for as many people as they can. When they flew me out to vancouver and then started having me download the game to play at home years ago, I didn’t own a computer nearly fast enough to run the game. At that point I had been playing AoE games for about 18 years on very middle of the road machines, which was really all I was able to afford. But I think I may have been the only person on the council who didn’t have a designated high powered machine for gaming/streaming/etc., so it was sorta embarrassing.

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone – those with high end machines expect a high end experience.
This approach seems like a tremendous move.


It’s basically solving the big debate without the need for taxing mods. People who want the simple experience to focus on gameplay are having an official supported experience. Leaving the graphical side to ask for whatever they want, as much as they want. Till their systems be crying and pleading to them to stop.

It’s smart, amazing and fulfills their promise of acknowledging that they are considering different people from different walks of life.

Now if they would just rake feedback on board and communicate better :joy:


There’s only a problem. I didn’t see all of these improvements. Did i play with a different version during the closed beta? And these graphic improvements are included in the leaked Graphic DLC? This Is the question but suppose we already seen the best graphic we can.

For now I think we’ve seen the best that is going to launch. Especially watching these streamers play the early release, and seeing nothing changed.

But I feel once the devs actually finish
Everything they had planned for the game, they are gonna look at the feedback and start adding things in that we want graphically. Well hopefully lol

Really don’t know but we’ll see really soon what developers Say.

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Plot twist. we have been seeing and playing the min spec mode, in oct 28th we will be able to see the graphics in ultra, with proper (army) building animations, crew on siege, siege polished animations, stunning animations and ultra detailed units.

Its just a joke, but I wish it was true :joy:


Do you think what kansas said is possible? real improved graphics? I think by min specs they mean even more simplistic graphics than those we saw in stress beta, so there might be another build with much better graphics?

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You speak to good to be real. I would like to hear that from their mouths, that would be epic!

On the topic of what technical modifications are possible to the game (such as widespread graphics changes), I do not consider myself an expert worth consulting with. I can speculate, but I don’t see any value in doing so publicly atm.

Though we do know from public statements, that the devs will continue to improve the game. But I am not sure they have been super specific to answer this exact question.


well based on the first games reviews I would expect they do those changes :crossed_fingers: thanks for the reply Andy :raised_hands:

I base my words from the interview with world’s edge in that article I posted