Ming dinasty Iron warrior Troop

i like this unit but is pretty hard use because come to much slow making. i like use Atonement card to enable building these units in castles to.
please support this topic.

T_T really guys? maybe we need this one is not the best unit on the game but is nice weee playet

Have you tried using them by sending Koxinga? They break quite a bit with that card, so a slow training time is necessary to balance the unit.

I’d rather have Koxinga buff their range by 2 instead of buffing their ROF.

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The bad thing is that Asian civilizations cannot improve imperial like Europeans or Africans do.

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Koxinga is very good but the unit maybe is more reliable if we can build 10 units or recruitable in castles. just like blue guard holland or creoles and curassiers in Mexico even the germans using mercenaries.
i said will be nice.

The unit is, like most asian mercs, not bad but suffers from a distinct lack of imperial stats for Asians that can guarantee them. And no Koxinga doesn’t cut it most of the time.


this unit is like a heavy inf but very good against infantry. i just suggest one way china can make them more easy. in castles or embassy.

Actually, I believe it’s got similar tags to skirms, or more currently Yumi Archers (or Longbowmen)

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That’s right, plus its melee attack is decent. I hope we receive support so that it is possible to build them in castles or embassies.

I remember someone proposed reworking the Iron Troop to make them a mercenary version of the Azap. I don’t know how balanced this would be, but I would like that rework because it would make the Iron Troop design make more sense (in melee they fight using a Pudao polearm).


I like that idea, but I would like it to be randomly trainable for other civilizations, but default for Asian civilizations.

So imagine azap with 60% ranged resist lol

When a rework is done, a rebalance is always done, so, for example, the reworked Iron Troop would have the same resistances as the Azap. (this should be obvious…)

But the armour is an integral and iconic part of Iron Troops. It could be toned down a little, but it should still be significant.

They just need to nerf other aspects. Like limiting their range, ranged attack, movement speed, siege damage, etc.

Mercenary usually have higher armour than regular counterpart. Like swiss pike, armoured pistoleer, mameluke, manchu, jaeger…etc…so a merc version of azap having 40% or 60% armour is normal by design. It will be quite op.

It is a concept. Assuming that a unit will have X statistics without anyone even suggesting what it should be like is paranoid.

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I want to see it actually. Azap mercenary, anti cav at melee and anti light cav at range, 16 range and 60% ranged resist. So they will beat cav and infantry, only die to siege

But if the azap has only 20% ranged armor. Why should it be 60%?

ok guys but this is not a rework on this unit. is just more build ways for this unit