Mini improvement to the viability of the outlaw and comment

Hi, lately I’ve been trying to rush outlaws with European civilizations, mainly Spanish and German.

I have discovered a beginning with Spain to be able to make a rush of outlaws without neglecting the economy but on the contrary but enhancing it although not entirely, it is quite decent, although it is difficult to readjust the macro sometimes because you always have to create houses for each batch of outlaws that you almost always think 2-3.

One of the problems I usually have with the outlaw rush is that it demands such a specific macro that when you need to change strategy or take other actions such as changing cav or naval it will take you a long time to recover to readjust, the other problem is that in the long run term the outlaws are not useful, I would say that at the end of age 3 onwards or age 4 onwards, it is because the amount of population they occupy does not satisfy the quality of other troops in quantity, also that they only have an improvement in the tavern, the only other way to improve it is through shipments dedicated to infantry or cav in general without discriminating troops in specific for example (+15 damage to all heavy infantry) also I think part of the fault that the outlaws cannot be improve, it is because there are many civilizations that use them in revolutions for example (Mexico, Argentina, Haiti, etc.) so that it is not strong, they are not allowed more improvements.

One way to improve outlaws a bit is by improving the “Theaters” dispatch.

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This shipment is really not very useful, because not even doing a rush of outlaws I consider it important, since I preferred to use the shipment to send me boxes of resources or specific improvements,
What that card does is subtract 1 from the population of the outlaws and allow you to build samurai ronin, who are very expensive mercenaries that are too situational, surely the people who sent that letter will not use the ronin.

My suggestion is to have that card increase the tavern drip from 0.6 / s to 1.0 / s.

Another thing that could also be done, that is not necessary to send shipments, is that the tavern get other syntax improvements for outlaws

The Theatres card (and others like it) was very super severely ovenerfed in the last patch, not to mention the Peacemakers upgrade for USA and mexico being too weak to be worth it anymore despite it costing less than half than before.


I didn’t mean the bar, it’s different