this really bad! that when u do eco! and everything seems! tooo well! then one team mate screams ! HELP HELP! there are 20 enemy attacing! but you cant see those enemies on the minimap!

It makes mini map absolutely useless! happned alot of times! when you cant see enemy units at all!

Even if there are 20-40 units in some friendly base!


I think it just needs to be much bigger. Trades and natives icon should not cover units also, units should take priority. Unit icon in general should be bigger also. Its just very hard to see anything on the minimap and its so important.

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Is this a real issue or did you click the icons under the map to filter for military/economic units? You can check if the symbol is crossed a hammer and gun or two crossed hammers or two crossed guns.all3 eco2 military1

NO this is not about switching from eco view to military view!

Its about enemy color not being visible under teams color

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a signal that leave a blue flag should be shown after an ally send a signal asking for help, there should be a signal for asking for help, athat leaves a blue flag for 20 secs

they should have a hotkey too

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