Minor change to the Vietnamese

Our friends the Vietnamese are in a better place than over, though still far from overpowered.

Let us notice:

  • Burgundian Vineyards is available to the Burgundians in Castle Age, and allows farmers to generate gold whilst harvesting. It costs 400f, 300g, 45s research time.
  • Paper Money allows the Vietnamese lumberjacks to generate gold in the Imperial Age, for 600w, 350g, 60s research time.

The effects are about the same, but the Vietnamese have to pay more, and have access to this effect later in the game. Should this UT be inverted with Chatras (elephants +100HP), to be available in the Castle Age? I feel it should at least be faster and cheaper to research. I propose to push the cost and research time of Paper Money to 400w, 300g, 45s. In Castle or Imperial.

This may not be the ultimate balance move to the civ, but just a small buff which would not hurt, especially regarding consistency.

The tech will be cheaper in the next patch so is fine.

Oh indeed! Apologies, I don’t know how I missed that one (I checked out an incomplete list).

All right, so Castle or Imperial?

Is stil in Imperial Age but for 550 food and 200 wood instead of 600 wood and 350 gold is more than worth.


Since you’re pointing out an inconsistency, moving Chatras to Imperial Age will be another inconsistency as all Battle Elephants specific UTs are Castle Age techs - Tusk Swords, Howdah, Paiks and Medical Corps.