Minor (insane) frank overhaul

They were considered a bad civilization on open maps until they got the berry bonus.
If we make their feudal SC less powerful, for example by my suggestion, then the berry bonus must be reserved for them.
Unless there is another early bonus available as an alternative.

Think again.

When the first is killed, the second gets the equivalent of a -33% discount.
This number is not stable. If you are ahead of the game and units die less, this number will be lower.
But anyway, for Paladins with above-average quality, this number should be 0.

No, they don’t deserve FU Hussars and Halberdiers. This sounds like something a Frank main would say…

A civ with strong early eco like Franks, Vikings, Mongols, should run out of steam at some point. Vikings do late game and Mongols do mid game.

With the given setting, Franks would get:

  • Dark: Berry bonus
  • Feudal: Berry and farm boni
  • Castle: Farm bonus + free BL + castle disount
  • Imperial: argubly the best paladin in the game (so one of the best civ for Pocket)

So in team game they are argubly the best pocket civ at every stage in the game (a case could be made for Burgundians/Cumans/Teutons in mid game for closed maps if the pocket can afk boom), the only time a Frank player gets weaker is currently 1v1 late game and on water heavy maps (where nothing is balanced anyways)

With hussars being argubly the best trash units and Frank having good backup units for them plus cheap castles (more castles than opponents during trash war), when would 80% of the civs have any edge against Franks if they got FU Hussars.

I’d be fine giving Franks FU Hussars if they lose something significant on the other side, #### ###### or Halberdiers…
Or if you give them an absolutly worthless castle age that make them much weaker than their opponents if they did no heavy damage to the opponent.
Or if you heavily nerf their (civ defining) early eco that most other knight civs do not have.

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I honestly can’t judge if you are talking seriously or if you are just trolling by these suggestions in this thread, but please tell me you are joking.

Many greetings

Unfortunately, I am not.
I just simply thought it could work.

Considering the difference between full LC and full Hussar, I don’t know how similar your so-called “a slightly better light cav” is to the latter.