Minus in statistics after converting +150 units

I just won the sickest game playing 2vs2 on King of the Hill. (04-01-22) (KingSmurf)

What I’ve been doing all game long, is running around with 4 warrior monks with relics to convert enemy military blobs.
It was an hilarious game where I converted over 150 maybe 200 units.

When we came to the statistics, a lot of strange figures were shown.

  • I have been minus with my units :stuck_out_tongue:
  • My military score is minus as well, even though I have killed the most units.
  • My opponents army’s show on both of them a +190 units. (so the units I converted never got counted as units lost)
    And a few more strange things who don’t make sense at all.

In my timeline you can see 4 huge drops in total units, which are actually conversions of 20-40 units at once. (the last drop is war)
All screens attached. This bug doesn’t really influence gameplay, but maybe it is something you guys want to look into…
(PS: keep up the good work)