Mirror campaign idea

With the campaign vote out now I thought about, what would be good campaigns and I got the following campaign concept idea:

Since with Rome and Persia now 2 civs being in both games how about a Rome-Persia Roman–Persian Wars - Wikipedia
This could be:

  1. A campaign split into two parts, that starts in RoR and continues in AoE2 proper.
  2. The same campaign mirrored/remastered to be playable in both games
  3. Have one side of the war be covered in one game and the other side of the war be covered in the other game (For example: You play the war from the roman side in AoE2 and from the persian side in AoE1 or vice versa)

What do you think? Would this be worth it over say 2 completely seperate campaigns?
Are there better ways to tie in/link the both games with each other?

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I thought about the idea of a crossover DLC too.
What if the same civilisation is added to both games, like the Armenians for example.

The Persians don’t have their own campaign yet, despite appearing in both AoE1 and AoE2.
I’d prefer an Achaemenid Empire campaign for AoE1 though.