Missed projectiles have to do full damage

Missed shots doing half damage isn’t only a stupid “mechanic”, but it’s also the reason gunpowder units are so bad. And if you’re gonna be stupid and comment “bUt ThEn ThErE wOuLdN’t Be A nEeD fOr ThUmB rInG”, it still gives you an attack speed boost to “offset” overkilling. For regular archers it’s not gonna be a ■■■■■■■ game changer, but it’s gonna be a game changer for gunpowder units, finally fixing the issue with them. I’m so tired of these discussions about why hand cannons are so bad, in which people say that it’s their inaccuracy and they need more damage. No, it’s because their missed shots only do half damage. Stupid.


ah yes, this thread again. from the same guy who did it last time.

or it could be their low fire rate combined with slow projectile speed combined with the low accuracy.

it absolutely would require rebalancing the entire archer line - as its already very strong as is.


Can you just finally see that this mechanic is stupid?
Yes, it’s their low rate of fire combined with inaccuracy, BUT THAT’S WHAT HAND CANNONS ARE.
Hand cannons were slow to reload and were inaccurate, so changing that would partially fix the problem, but it would also ruin their identity in how they’re portrayed. Sure, you can say the same thing about any archer, but redesigning a whole class would be too much, so at least keeping hand cannons realistic is doable. Fixing the issue with this stupid mechanic not only fixes the problem, since their inaccuracy would actually be useful sometimes, but it also keeps their identity and improves modding.
It would require some rebalancing for archers, but not much at all, since most civs that have good archers have Thumb Ring, and you’re probably not gonna make archers without Thumb Ring unless you’re Britons of course or Aztecs.

But what balance the gunpowder units is actually their bad accuracy, which very reasonable. I mean how will you balance a unit that have 17 attack and 7 range if you give them 100% accuracy? You will say “I am not talking about accuracy I am talking about the 2nd missed shot” but with this there is actually no difference. People asked 100 times to nerf the Arambai for the same reason

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do i agree with the mechanic? no. but guess what? i also don’t want to have to rebalance the entire game because you want to change this - better idea for you - increase the projectile speed of gunpowder units.

but their projectiles were faster then archers weren’t they? but in game they are slower. increase that speed to be “more realistic” and boom. gunpowder becomes better.

but if we make missed shots do full damage we’d have to redesign archers wouldn’t we? since their damage would increase. especially Britons.

and requires rebalancing archers to do so.

or celts or khmer from time to time. heck even goths have been known to open crossbow.

they don’t want to give them 100% accuracy. what they want is if a projectile hits an unintended target for it to do full damage instead of half.

Good, this is logical

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Except its still a buff to archers, especially in feudal, early castle, and any time the opponent is heavily microing units. do archers and archer uu really need a buff?

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I already did increase the projectile speed of gunpowder units in my mod. Yes, it makes them better, but it doesn’t fix the issue with their damage output.
I wouldn’t even care about this if they gave us the option to remove this mechanic in a mod, but they HARDCODED the removal of this feature to the Arambai’s projectiles. This is why I’m so angry.

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so it makes them better but somehow doesn’t increase their damage output? i highly doubt that. more attacks hitting means more damage. attacks landing faster means enemy units die faster and do less overall damage.

They don’t need a buff in my eyes, but how they work should be reworked a bit. Removing this mechanic would maybe mean like -1 damage for crossbows and maybe a but less reload time, and done.

It only increases their damage output when microing, or when the enemy is running away. The damage output for when the enemy is coming towards you is still the same obviously, since the reload time isn’t affected.

and what about the massive buff you just gave archers, or cav archers, or archer unique units like the longbow? what about the buff to britons you just gave? not to mention skirmishers damage just increased.

or if you’re britons, celts, khmer, aztecs, goths, and don’t have thumb ring.
or you have cav archers who have lower accuracy. or you’re using longbows.

and fyi - microing is incredibly common, so to say it only applies when microing is redundant and just further says why they would need a change.

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I was talking about Hand Cannons, just like you were before.

britons lack thumb ring yes? so their attacks miss more then most civs. as does the longbow.
as does aztecs, celts, khmer, goths, archers, who all see use from time to time.

anytime you micro against archers you’re increasing the odds of them missing, which is pretty often in archer vs archer wars or anytime you’re playing against archers.

and of course - any time before thumb ring and ballistics is researched this is going to be a buff to archers, cav archers, and archer/cav archer unique units.

its also a buff to janns and conquistadors, both of which are very strong.

no. you said projectiles. and your first sentence says “missed shots”.
what archers fire is a projectile. and it can miss.
you’ve literally just buffed every archer unit in the game with your change.

What are you talking about? Obviously all archers would have to have less damage/rate of fire, Crossbows were just an example…?

but the point is you’re talking about rebalancing the entire game because of your change. its a huge wide sweeping change and you’re acting like this is something minor.

Which wouldn’t be needed if they just gave us an option for projectiles to have the Arambai’s ability.

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then ask for that to be added to stuff you can mod in scenarios - but leave main game balance alone from this standpoint. there are other ways to make gunpowder better then what you are asking for, which don’t require rebalancing the game.

Already made a post about that, no reaction from anyone.
Also why are you talking about scenarios now? I’m a modder, not a map maker. You make mods with AGE.

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if you thought things would change that fast you’re sorely mistaken - the devs still haven’t even fully fixed pathfinding yet, and that’s been broken since the game released. its better then it was - but still needs work.

point was ask for it be something you can mod. but i gotta say - if you expected stuff to change just because 1 post on the forums - you’ve set your sights way to high.

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