Missed projectiles have to do full damage

I guess you’re right…

But this is exactly like giving them more accuracy, making the missed shots do a 100% damage will be so strong, esoecially for gunpowder units like Conqs, Organ guns and Janissary, even if it is for the HC still really tough with 17 attack and 7 range

more accuracy? yes. 100%? no. missed shots still do nothing.

and you’ll notice i’m heavily against it, because it also impacts archers and would require rebalancing basically anything ranged.

i think its fine for them to make it something they can MOD, so long as the mod isn’t allowed in multiplayer. but base game absolutely not.

Well in general I totally agree with you that giving the HC more projectile speed will be enough. And another suggestion is to give them like a little splash explosive damage.

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Random idea, just do it for gunpowder, wOaH

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Also if someone wants so realistic mechanics in game, why not consider regular archer vs xbow? Xbow was slower to reload while had faster projectile speed. But in game both archer and xbow have same rof and projectile speed.

Not archer line only, every single ranged unit that does not have 100% accuracy. On top of that we have to think about how useless TR tech will be and which civ should get it and which shouldn’t and still can’t fix Britons as they will be busted after this change.

And you’re probably not gonna make HC without good gunpowder bonuses unless you have terrible archers.

If you want HC or gunpowder in general to be better, why not asking this for gunpowder units onlyj ust like current Arambai instead of every single ranged units. Then we may (may not) be able to balance gunpowder units by lowering their attacks.

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not to mention - where do archers get all those arrows from? they never seem to run out.

pretty well covered that.

Why should a missed shot do full damage? If it is a miss it is far more likely to be a glance shot or to a limb then a body or head shot. I imagine that is why it deals less damage.

Its a bag of infinite holding. They get all the arrows the d&d adventurers dont use.

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  1. And skirmishers with infinite javelins.

It’s possible to change missed projectile damage on a per unit basis as far as I know.

However, gunpowder units are not bad at all. Janissaries and Conquistadors are the deadliest castle age units in the game because they have massive ranged damage output right off the bat without needing any upgrades.

If you’re talking about Hand Cannoneers then yeah, they’re not a general purpose unit like Arbalesters. They have a niche and that is to counter infantry units - especially those that cannot be countered by Archers like Huskarls and Serjeants. They’re worse vs other Archers (though a tad better than Archers vs Skirmishers), they’re bad vs cavalry, but I think their main issue is the fact you need to wait to Imperial Age and research chemistry to get them.

If you wish to see Hand Cannons as an offensive unit and not a counter unit then tough luck - that’s just not its purpose. Giving their missed projectiles 100% damage would make them too strong in big numbers, they’d start killing cavalry and archers. That really is not the point of the unit.

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They are a bunch of Legolas clones (unless you count Battle of The Five Armies)