Missed shots should do full damage

Definitely against, huge archer balls are insanely strong already, no need to buff them in lategame.

But for HC there could be a “curtain fire”, cause your micro atm gets more and more useless with them., they aren’t micro revarding but die to easy if you don’t micro. They have too much overkill in bigger scales. So “curtain fire” forces all of them to fire the angle you click rather than the spot or area.
And of course missed shots could deal full damage, since with curtain fire all shots are “missing shots”.

This would add some utility to the HC and micro-revarding. They would still be heavily countered by any archery so it’d be ok if they melt other unit types, especially infantry.


I like the courtain fire for HC, but you can apply the same criteria for aechers and skirmishers with attack ground. If you use it in a few units most of shots will miss a target.
I never liked how the archers miss damage when they are in bigger numbers. for example, 30 archers shot to one unit that die in 10 shots. You are losing 20 shots. If you use attack ground could do more overall damage, maybe without killing nobody until 3 shots, bit weaking more units. This is micro rewarding, more inmersive and satisfying imo. Balance is a problem? Then do attack ground do a little less damage that sniping shots (it even has sense because when you snipe, you are targeting to “headshot”)

No need for “curtain fire” when stop micro already exists.

This is one thing, but their are several solutions to this:
A) control groups+ splitting: split your archers in smallerer controlled groups, so they can one-shot the unit you focusfire
B) positioning + attack move: If you train this you can “target fire” several enemy unit at once, but most of the time you will still only get 1 or 2, still worth it and easier to execute than A)

Both don’t really work with HC; since they kill their favorite targets in 4 shots. So if you have like 40 HCs you need to split them in 10 groups! And still, they often miss, so there is a chance even if you could pull of that insane micro you might not be revarded. B) Also doesn’t work so well because you still get mostly only 1-2 kills. Still better than 1, but they still miss 80 % of their damage potential (exaggerated).

But for this HC just have too little HP, they die too easy. Thats the prob. And the first shot will always be auto focussed, since they have such a long recharge, the “stop micro” is also less revarding than with standard archers.

Interesting idea but in this case is where projectiles should only deal half damage (i don’t know if there’s a physics argument to support this but idk, maybe arrows colliding with each other or sth)

I like this idea a lot

I think the argument, besides the balance issue, could be that If I’m a trained archer, when I targeting one unit I do focus in weaker poitns, but if I attack ground is a matter of lucky

I meant that I literally don’t see the difference between stop micro and your curtain fire idea.

stopped microed hc die like flies to anything.

And how can “curtain fire” HC survive in the same condition if they do the same thing?

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you can micro them through your frontline units :wink:

¿because it’s not possible right now?

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possible, but not revarding because of the wasted damage through microing.
Also stop micro doesn’t work that well with HC they will still have a lot of wasted damage.

Stop micro is literally making your units stop doing anything so that their AI randomly choose the next target. Unless “curtain fire” is auto-micro I don’t get how it can prevent overkill.

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  1. against archery type units: shall I really explain how useful curtain fire is in this situation?
  2. against melee units: you use your frontline units as ostacles to force your opponen through artificial gaps. Here curtain fire is also useful to damage multiple emenies with one single volley. Agains knight line focus fire might still be more revarding, but it’s also not considered to counter them

you get it?

  1. Unless this drastically improves their accuracy it ain’t changing anything.
  2. unless it gives them ballistic I struggle to see what is different

Looks like an AoE3 crackshot wannabe

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I’d like this, but the base damage and the RoF would be drastically reduce to compensate.
This permits two or one shoots before the melee engage. I hope see this type of archer mechanic in AoE IV.

kiting is a thing that exists, so no it would not just be 1 or 2 shots.