Missing a critical hotkey "Focus on current selection"

There is an option in Settings for “Find and cycle units and buildings”.
You can set it to either “Select and Center camera” or “Select Only”.

“Select only” seems generally more useful since you can hit the “Select all Military buildings” key and produce units while still managing your army at the same time.

But there are certain instances where you actually want to jump to the selected buildings. Like if you want to cycle through all your Town Centers and actually jump between their locations. This would be the default behavior if you use the “Select and Center camera” option but not if you use “Select Only”.

So I suggest you implement a hotkey for “Focus on current selection” where anytime you press it it jumps to the currently selected buildings or units. This way the game becomes much easier to control. You can manage the your unit production and upgrades while not losing your current screen, while still be able to quickly jump between screens when needed.

Or you you can change the “Focus on Captial Town Center” hotkey to “Focus on Town Centers” so you can use it to jump between all Town Centers, not just the first one.

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F5 by default, indeed this upper left keys are very important this time around, and I don’t see much people using them on the streams. Like where is my market? where where? mate press F2 TAB TAB F5

I use F1-F4 but I have changed them to BNM, since it is easier to reach.
F5 does not work in this case since it only works on units, not buildings.

But I use CTRL H to get to my main Town Center as a workaround for now.

what I miss is a hotkey for selecting a military building of a certain type: i.e. Select all Barracks in the map