Missing Compendium, do you want it?

One of the things I enjoyed the most when not playing AoE2 and AoE3 was reading the compendium in the game. Learned a ton about the history of civs, units, tactics, historical events of the period, etc. AoE3 even has a section for maps and the fauna that populates them.

It’s peculiar to me why AoEIV was marketed as being so focused on history yet left out a compendium for people to read and learn about history. This is something that should be added I feel. It’s one of those things that enhances the game.

What do AoEIV players think about this?


I find this as a Recruirement.
Although I think they double down on the history in their campaigns.
But I’d still prefer a compendium tbh. As Campaign is limited, harder to impliment if their going to keep up that Production quality of a an all out documentary.
A compendium would be an overall nice thing to have in the long term.

It would be cool to have a history section with info for each civ.

As the Campaign is limited, there should occasionally be new campaign sets which would be good to see.

They will just copy paste the description from website into game. Where’s the usefulness of this?
Gone are the days of offline games.