Missing “debriefing/outro” in the RoR campaigns

noticed that the AoE 1 missions in the Return of Rome DLC are lacking the debriefing that we would get after victory or defeat and instead it just skips to the intro of the next mission.

For example for this Ascent of Egypt mission Naval Battle (Age of Empires) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom you would get two different outros:

The Libyan raiders are defeated and their ships burned. lt is unlikely that this will be the end of them, however. As long as the trade between Egypt and her neighbors prospers, there will always be those wanting to steal our wealth.

“Your hastily built navy was destroyed as quickly as it was constructed. Your ships lie at the bottom of the sea, where the fish will use them as homes. Your surviving sailors are furious and have tied your legs with a hemp rope. You would feel better about the situation if the other end of the rope was not tied to a heavy boulder-anchor, which is being pushed overboard. You are about to become seafood.”

Am I missing something or there is no way to gave these ingame
It is not the same without the mission outro to talk about what happened due to your victory or defeat.
I especially care about the winning outros

It cannot be so hard to code an extra tab for the RoR postsgame score that has that text.


It would be great if they added those outro. Some messages of defeat are very funny.

If they ever add the Hittite campaign I hope it will be D.E. version. The OG demo scenarios are very similar to the rest of the campaigns.