Missing feature

Liking the game so far. However, there is one feature missing. Playing aoe2 and aoe3 a lot, I liked the option sometimes to limit progress for example to an earlier age. For example in Aoe2 I wanted once in a while to playa only up to castle age.
In aoe4 we do not have this option.

Would be nice to implement it.

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I agree, it would interesting option in AoE4, I thought about it too

It is, it is. OP is correct.

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It has always been in AoE2 and was recently added to AoE3.

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Yes… I checked it
I have not notice in AoE2 DE :open_mouth:

I do not rember this feturefrom original AoE2, was it there too (pre-HD)?

I don’t know for sure but I think it was. The HD version was mostly a graphical update I believe but surely it had the final age option.

yes it had.
I haven’t even used the feature in AoE2DE yet, only remember using at as a child in vanilla AoE2.

Okay, Thank You

so I edited my post