Missing hotkeys customization for fully custom layout (not grid)

There is no way to customize hotkeys for Joan in fully custom layout.
In the command card for Joan actions like:
Divine Arrow
Divine Restoration
Riders, Ready!

Those actions are hard-wired to the grid layout grid[1,1], grid[1,2], grid[1,3], grid[1,4] and no customization is possible in fully custom layout. It would be nice to have this customization added as I have to go to the keyboard config file to edit those hotkeys.

Also missing Desert Raider hotkeys in fully custom layout:

Ayyubid Desert Raider:

  • Desert Raider Bow
  • Desert Raider Blade

Ayyubid Mangonel (Manjaniq):

  • Swap Weapon (Incendiary)
  • Swap Weapon (Kinetic)
    I have a conflict for attack the ground and swap weapon which I don’t know how to fix without breaking some other unit commands.

Zhu Xi Legacy:

  • Missing hotkey customization in Stables to produce Imperial Guard, a new unit which is unlocked in Zhu Xi Library.