Missing Textures for units as French

AoE4 -
When playing French, i started with my scout covered by a green box, with the words ‘MISSING ABP’ on, with subtext of ‘For more information look in game log files’. This was on Forest Ponds and occured in the first minute with the scout, but later when i produced another scout it did the same. This makes the unit unable to be mass targeted when holding mouse 1, effectively making a large number of units useless unless you were to click them each individually. This again happened for my traders, fishing boats, and in age 3 my Veteran Royal Knights, all of which could not be mass targeted holding mouse1.

At one point, a scout tower i built was covered in a blue box, though i didnt capture this. When i went to inspect the blue box text in the replay system, it crashed my game. After the crash it has worked fine so far.

Hey @IlIBear! Are you playing with any mods/tuning packs?

Sorry for late reply but no i am not :slight_smile:

Hi! Saw your post now. The same graphic error (green boxes instead of textures) has happend to me before in one of the campaign missions. (Several month ago, so I don´t remember which one.) The stealth forests were displayed as these green boxes with text like in your picture above. (But I was still able to “hide” units in this areas.)

No mods, tuning pack or anything else installed/active.

It was in only 1 of the campaign missions. So I did not take it to serious, because the game did not crash and everything else worked fine during gameplay. I played just once through the campaigns, so I do not know if this happens maybe again in this mission. (In the meantime several patches came out so maybe the issue was solved now.) I just rember that I played this mission just once because I succeeded with my first attempt. (Obvious one of the easier and shorter ones i suppose. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, I just want to mention that I have seen this texture error too during playing, but it did not affect units or gameplay for me as you describe. (Units unable to be mass targeted.) Just the stealth forests looked different.