Missing things to make the game great!

For information, I have played more than 2000 hours since the age of king.

In DE something is now broken:
The four arrow to move the map ( ← ↑↓→ ).
On the HD version, we can remove inertia to make them feel like in older version. We are not many to use arrow to move the map but it’s essential for us to have them.
The translation in French is not accurate. It’s translate as “sensibilité défilement” it’s not gramitacally correct and also mean something else than “initertia”
All French translation are not accurate or not in good French. My English sucks as much as the translation in the game. Informations on the left when we are over a button are well translate.

Need to be improve:

  • it should be more easier to destroy unfinish building
  • it should be slower to repair a building under attack
  • it should be faster to repair a building (not under attack)

-It should be possible to :

  • Build a lot of house, farm, wall or other stuff by HOLDING CTRL and CLICK (if you draw a line with house select it should build house on all this line). It’s a little improvment, natural for everyone, it’s like in Excel. When the intert connection is not very good actually to don’t have a gap between two farm or house you have to wait to see fundation of each building to build the next or calculate in your mind or click a lot of time.

  • Ram should have a bonus against wood only building. They are useless against wood building. Ram are expensive and very slow, when you want to destroy ennemy building with ram, it’s usefull to use them only against wall,tc,tower and casle.

  • Auto build farm, (see the post about it on the forum). A lot of player like the improvment to the Khemer because you have to spend less time to create farm(there is others avantages to don’t have to go to a mill).

More data show in the game about hidden bonus. For example, a lot of player don’t know that hand cannoneer have a bonus against infantry but not janissary

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They already deals tons of damage to buildings. They often are among your best options to destroy them.

No seriously, auto-reseeding is more than enough. And this feature would be way too much effort to implement, and if your ctrl+hold click feature is introduced why would you add this on top of that?


The armor on buildings under constructions is indeed debatable, but the other two inputs aren’t, in my opinion.

The way the repairing works currently makes for consistency in what you should expect for using it and how your resources will be spent.

I mean, this is ok, I guess (you can already do that to walls by holding shift)? But doesn’t make sense to me since it is already so simple to shift + click and task multiple buildings to villagers to construct. Also being able to stream down so much buildings that consumpt decent resources would feel weird. You would run short on wood many times when not intended to and would have to backpedal deleting a lot of foundations.

They already do.


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Just to check, did you try turning off “Scroll Inertia” in the options menu?

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Thank you !!!
The translation in French sucks, it’s translate as : sensitivity and not Inértie (Intertia)
You are my savior !

And since the launch of the game there is an issue with monk:
Monks are very powerful and to make them not overkill they are dump.
It should be great if they regenerate 3x slower (their ability to convert) and can convert automatically.

All unit can attack by themself but not monk

This is considered balance. You just need to get better at using them individually. There is a higher skill required in using monks than other military units, which is intended.

There’s also another unit that cannot attack automatically, villager. :wink:

In the past some people found exploit to ease monk micro, and just that was enough to make them crazy OP. Monks regenerating slower wouldn’t matter since if you’ve murdered half of their army with the half you’ve converted, you already managed to shift the whole game’s momentum in your favor and are far ahead.


Conversion times would need to be doubled if they had an autocast and then microing monks would become totally pointless.

And in smaller scale the whole monk would be pointless. Now they would only be good in large scale battles. I don’t think this is a better way than how they are working right now. This is because people want to see actual war, not a conversion fest.

If you download some AI, they are very powerful only because they can manage each monk.

To improve monk:

  • auto convert
  • Regenerate their power to convert 2 times slower
  • Two upgrades available in the monastery to increase your faith, one available in castle age who increases of 40% the average conversion time (400 wood 300 gold) and the second one is the one who already exist in imperial age (faith).

Thing is, people are fine with the way they currently work. :man_shrugging:

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Anyway, AI being good with monks is more than made up by it being worse in many other domain. Also, you can easily cheese the AI by sending light cav first so that their monks waste their time and then charge with your expensive units.