Mission / Scenario Complete Indicators?

Is there a way to determine if a scenario is completed? I seem to remember a star or more color on the button in the old version. It would be helpful on things like the battle scenario where there is no set order. There is no good way to tell if a campaign is fully complete besides the out of game achievements which is not ideal. Any thoughts or info ?

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With the amount of campaign + historical battles, people may get lost and forget which ones they did. Can we get some marks on missions we completed? And on entire campaign when it’s done?


I feel like there were indicators in the original AoE2, but I might be wrong. I would think it would be a simple add, but I might have missed at technical concern.

Yes, this is a must for the scenarios. It’s strange that the developers didn’t bother to do this, almost like they didn’t play it through. Now instead of just marking it as complete, what would be awesome is indicators showing what level of difficulty you played on, for example: a bronze shield icon for easy, silver for normal, gold for hard, etc. Could be placed right under the each campaigns individual scenarios. Also, lots of us really enjoy the campaigns, it’s a bummerI have to keep notes on what I’ve actually finished.

Awesome Changes Devs. I love the update so I know what’s been done! Thanks for listening to us!