Mixing commands move, attack move, patrol

Maybe I’m just doing this wrong or it was never intended to be developed but I find it frustrating that I cannot mix the move command with other commands. The patrol and attack move commands in particular.
I’d like to be able to select unit/s at location A, right click (move command) to location B, holding shift hit the patrol command and click location C. The unit/s should move from A to B without attacking anything and then begin a patrol between B and C. this does not happen. the move command is ignored and it immediately starts paroling from current location to all patrol points or it might patrol off the first location started at if the whole process was started with SHIFT on the first move command (which you can do if the unit is already idle as the shift command adds the next instruction onto the current task:idle).
part of the problem might be that the last patrol cannot be placed without letting go of shift? but this is not the case with the likes of attack move or guard.

This effects; move, attack move, follow, patrol, guard, perhaps others. perhaps not much of an issue for most but it seems silly to waste the opportunity to add in the feature to have the ability to mix these commands together (As I have seen in other rts).