? MM?

How am i supposed to win this. For your information, I am 1300 elo in 1v1, blue is not ranked, teal is 1000. Both red and yellow are 1400 and purple is not ranked. How the f is this balanced, literally 1v3ed all the game before quitting. Fix MM !!!

Yeah when playing alone you should never queue alone otherwise if you have high rank you will get random allies(super low players), then the MM will set you vs a whole team of your same rank, making it a waste of time and elo, cause you will lose around 17 points and ur allies 0 points lol

Never happened to me (@1700-1800), and I think its better to queue alone for team games, I mean :kissing_smiling_eyes: Im still getting random allies but the teams seams fair balanced.

@BalaiPensee4904 Im curious, how many times (%) does it happen it for you?

There is not enough players queuing for ranked team games.