Mod Action to Stand Still?

Hi, I read that a precursor of the Hussite Wagons were some sort of wagon fortifications made by the Goths, described by Roman authors. They just arranged their transport wagons in a circle as a protective measure, of course nothing comparable with the sophistication of Zizka’s wagons.

I wanted to replicate this idea by taking advantage of the Ox Wagon unit available in the game, having it with zero attack and zero melee armor (or a minimal one), but now adding an about 100 pierce armor, like a siege weapon. I did a test, having some of these wagons in-between my archers and my enemies’ & I smashed them: their arrows were too concentrated in the ox wagons. The difference with a batering ram is the speed (the ox wagon is faster) and the incapability to attack (it’s just a diversion), which is kind of a switch. A castle would attack these dummies, but otherwise they would be useless. Scenario Editor unit.

The problem is that my ox wagons still ran away. Is there a way or a property to have them stand still, like a unit being in passive stance?

In the mod browser there is a scenario about Cortez’ escape from Tenochtitlan made by Filthydelphia where there is a bunch of unmovable and unselectable hussite wagons that are used as barricades so I think you could take inspiration from that.

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