Mod AOE2 units to look like ROR units?

Is there any way to, for example, make the champion look like the Phalangite? It is really easy to make AOE2 units look like other AOE2 units, but trying to make them look like ROR units is glitchy - I think the number of frames doesn’t line up.

As far as I know, no.
The number of frames per angle are in the data set so you have to make a data mod for it.
The other alternative is manually editing the sprits but that’s obvious more complicated.

Ah darn okay. That’s kind of what I figured. I am sure there is a way to do it in the genie editor, I suppose?

It’s rather easy to do in the genie editor, just change the number of frames per angle.
But then you have to create a data mod that brakes with every patch and is not multiplayer compatible.

Alternatively get SLX Studio and learn how to use it.
Remove or duplicate some frames so the number of frames in each animation matches the AoE2 unit.
You can use the genie editor to load the AoE2 dataset and the RoR dataset to compare the number of frames of each graphic.

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if you learned slx studio, you can look at the number of frames of both units, and try to reduce it on the new file. but replacement would only work one way is that the replaced units must consist of less frames than the one you wish to use.

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I would wait before you make the mod.
The RoR units have some graphical issues atm, they look worse then AoE2DE and AoE1DE units for some reason.
The older event mod units for thing like Scout or Legionary skins look better then RoR for some reason.