Mod: Editing unit stats NOT working?

I have been able to successfully edit xml files for the French nation such as homecityfrench.xml and techtreey.xml which I placed in the local mod folder. These changes I made such as allowing more fort cards and changing Musketeer upgrade percentages worked.

However, I am trying to edit the max range of the musketeer unit. I have converted the XMB file to XML which shows as a .tactics file and I am able to edit these stats easily. However, once I place in the local mod folder, the changes I made do not take effect whatsoever. Even though the mod is enabled and recognised within the game ?

Help ?

Musketeer range must be changed in either proto or techtree. Techtree is preferable if you want to do it only for the French civilization.


Ah. I had no idea I was editing the wrong files. Thanks, this worked.

Can you please elaborate on how I can edit specific unit stats for a nation, e.g. Musketeers. Since I thought Musketeers are a generic unit used by many nations. France, Britain, Spain etc…

Thank you

You just give them extra range in the Age0" tech the same way you’d do a tech effect.

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